Average World Gym price?

Hey, I’m currently living in Taipei and wondering if anybody knows the average price for world gym without all of the haggling?

I’ve not seen an updated post since last year so I’m looking for updates. I went into one a few weeks ago and was annoyed with their sales speech and them going lower and lower when I said I needed time to think about it. I’m interested to just go in there and say my price and tell them to take it or leave it.

I’m wondering what the good pride to pays per month here and how much the maintenance/membership fee cost.

I wouldn’t sign for more than 1000nt. Possibly haggle to 800-900.


Thanks, is there normally a signup/maintenance fee or is there a way of getting rid of that too?

You can usually ask for it to be waived. Gym business is not so good in Taiwan right now, they want your business.

Is it not? It seemed to be booming for a while. I guess people gave up?

It usually go to cyclical cycles for good business and bad. The number of people who work out and go to the gym doesn’t really increase. More gym opens up, trainers leave bigger branches to start their own boutique gyms and it dilutes the whole market.

So an update,: I had my one hour negotiating battle. They wouldn’t budge to go any lower than 1660 per month plus a membership fee of 2000

So strange since I’ve heard people on here just go in, cube them an offer of ‘im only paying 1000 a month and no membership fee’ then walk out with a contract for exactly that


How long did you pay for? I pay 30k for 3 years.It’s not World Gym and it isn’t Taipei, but the longer you are willing to pay for the cheaper you’ll get them down to.

Also, if you haven’t yet paid try contacting them and saying it’s too much so you’re not signing up. See how long it takes them to call you back with a new offer.

I didn’t end up at world gym because the changing rooms at the ones I checked out are smelly and gross - and naturally full of smelly and gross people who, ironically, like to stare, blatantly - but they were asking 800-900 depending on the plan type, with a $500 signup fee they reduced from $1000 but wouldn’t budge further on, and no cancellation fee, with no minimum term (although I told them I wanted it for 6 months so that could have something to do with it).

I took a shower in a gym, that I no longer frequent, and there was a turd on the floor. Seriously, someone had taken a dump (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it was an accidental follow-through shart) and he hadn’t even bothered to try to rinse it away.

And seriously, what is it with using the hairdryers to dry the genital region? Why do people do that?

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I haggled for 3 hours (trying every deal-making technique I knew) and only got to 1399 per month for 2 years with no initiation fees. I ended up walking away, because the small private gyms were a fraction of the cost, and I could deadlift there.

What was strange was that when I said I was leaving, they would ask the higher manager to come. After some more haggling, I would say I’m leaving, and then they brought out the head manager. They still wouldn’t budge on price, so I left. It seemed like such a big ordeal to get me to sign for a price I knew they could go lower on. Frustrating waste of time, and they may be banking on me making a decision off my frustration. I however know the value of money, especially signing these long contracts, so I just left.


I only plan to be in Taiwan for a year, however that might change so I just asked for a 12 month contract. They wouldn’t even let me have a free trial there as i’m a foreigner and asked me to pay 650 to use it to see if I like it. I said, that’s more than a 3rd of the cost you want me to sign up with per month.

They also brought out the manager and eventually head manager who wouldn’t budge. I used the tactic my friend pays 1000 and they asked for his name and phone number so they could look it up on their system. It’s crazy this much haggling for them to give a decent price for a gym, such a strange company…

I walked out without a membership and told them I would look elsewhere.


Depends on how long you sign the contract for. I’d guess, if you hit 3yrs you should get under $1000. I have an all gym access for just over $1000. But competition has picked up lately and they might be overextended.

I’m wondering if it’s just worth it to sign up for 3 years and hope in a year I can cancel it, or as I will leave the country just tell them i’m leaving Taiwan and if they don’t agree I will cancel my DD.

When I told the salesman I’m not sure about 3yrs, he said I could cancel credit card and get a new one and they can’t bill me anymore. I believe that cuz my CC expired and I didn’t pay for 3 months until I provided new CC. So, don’t fear signing cuz it is easy to get out of it. Just make sure you get under $1000/month or don’t sign.

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That makes sense. I suppose signing up for a 3 year contract with my French bank card would be easier to cancel with less repercussions instead of using my Taiwanese bank. The deal I was given today was only for one gym too, so probably a much better deal if I tell them 3 years then cancel when i’m done here.

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Yes, it was a foreign CC that was billed. And he knew and happily accepted. And as I said, he told me, I didn’t ask, that I could say my CC was lost and get sent a new one and WG can’t bill me anymore.

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1399 is really cheap, some gyms from worldgym are more expensive. Like if they have swimming pools, you need to pay more to get access to them.

A lot of friends seem to pay $1000 and lower. I wouldn’t pay anymore than $1300 a month. Hearing people getting prices $2000 and up is crazy.

When I first came to Taiwan I had the same issue, given a ridiculous price and when I went to leave the guy kept lowering it.
Never give them your real number or you’ll be harassed forever.

I have a World Gym all access membership I’m willing to transfer to you. I think it’s $1,300 a month and you can use it at any World Gym except the Sports and Elite branded ones.