Awesome Food in Taipei?

What are your current favorite foods/restaurants in Taipei? I know there are previous posts of course, but I also know that restaurants change hands pretty quickly in Taipei, as does quality. Night market stalls and restaurants and specific dishes please!

And a personal request, where is a good “traditional” Sichuan restaurant, with real mapo doufu ( not Taiwanese style), Gongbao Jiding, huiguorou and the like?

The best I know of is at 5 Ren’ai Road in Yonghe (near Dingxi Station), Tienfu.永和天府川菜/248904385213429

Great! Thanks for that. There used to be (15 years or so ago)a great place in the middle of Shida, close to the Pizza Hut. It closed around 2007, and we were definitely sad. In Winnipeg, it is almost impossible to find even westernized versions of any if these dishes, let alone an attempt at them from a Chinese style, even if not Sichuanese.

I am excited. I get to book my holidays at work today, and it looks good for me to get the time off I want.

The cook at that place is Sichuanese, which helps!

Teinfu (noted above) has a very good reputation.

I would be hard pressed, however, to think of a better kitchen (and better mapo doufu) than the one at Yeh Gong Guan in Taipei City on Anhe Road. Some of my comments about this place are posted here:



Yeh Gong Guan sucks.

Monkey balls.

Huh? Have you even been there? And have you actually watched Jimmy cooking? It’s one of the only places (maybe the only place) I’ve seen in Taipei where there is an open kitchen with the team, including the engaging owner-chef, cooking Chinese dishes. Nothing to hide there.

If a certain raccoon does not like good tea, precisely prepared dishes, fresh ingredients, and (from the chef) an almost scholarly approach to the Chinese culinary canon–well I wish you a good day sir. For me this place is a revelation, a place where the cooking has soul. Hope you find your satisfaction elsewhere.


Yeah, it sucks.

I love InParadise, the all you can eat on top of I don’t remember which building in the Xinyi area.
I usually have an embarrassing amount of sashimi, then move to cooked fish, tempura and eventually the roasted meat. It’s not cheap though.

Pizza: Solo Pizza and Zoca Pizza

Haven’t tried many beef noodles in Taipei, the seasoning and the broth are very different from what I have in Yilan and I prefer the version we have here in Rice Fields county

Burgers: Burger Ray and the Diner

What’s the budget? sounds like between McDonald’s and Pizza Hut…?

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.


I know the cow doctor loves putting raw or frozen ingredients in boiling water, so here’s my most recent discovery.

There’s one by work and one location near home and it is my go to spot whenever I can’t think of anywhere to eat. It hasn’t let me down for the past 6-8 months after I discovered it.

I’m not sure why a hot pot restaurant has to be open until 4AM, but it is. I normally order beef, but my friends insist that their seafood is super fresh and if I wasn’t too lazy to peel skin off of shrimp, I’d probably try it.

I hear this location gets better as it gets later in the evening…

Hot pot sucks.

Hot pot or starvation? Hmmm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one…

Boiled kitchen garbage

Pretty sure you’d suck milk from your own utters before eating hot pot.

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