"Baby on board" decals

When you come up behind a car "baby on board" decal you…

  • Give it extra room to protect the precious future of mankind
  • Drive as normal, who gives a damn about your offspring?
  • Drive as normal, since you’re keeping a safe distance anyway
  • Rear-end them on purpose

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I don’t know why exactly, but these kind of stickers piss me off. People think other drivers are all running around trying to rear-end them, and the sticker will somehow dissuade them from this hell-bent urge for distruction? :loco:
Is it just a fashion item now, and people actually have no idea what they mean?

Its hao ke ai, that’s all. I saw one yesterday that said “golden retreiver on board.” Pillock-bait, that’s all.

I saw one. It flashed before my eyes as a Mom(?) ran a red light while making a right turn, narrowly missing me. Stupid bitch. Maybe she needs to mount the sticker on her windscreen. Facing in.

I often see the decals on the beach. There’s alot of inconsiderate surfers in Taiwan.


[quote=“Dangermouse”]I often see the decals on the beach. There’s alot of inconsiderate surfers in Taiwan.


Is that our bob?

We have one that says “Labrador” and has the silhouette of a Lab on it. We put it up because we love the breed, not because we expect people to not crash into us because of it. (Actually, a taxi rear-ended us just a little while ago, but I doubt that our bumper sticker was a cause or a deterrent.) If we loved the Grateful Dead, we might very well have put a dancing skeleton on our bumper…

Maybe people who put one up are just really, really proud of their ability to reproduce and want to let everyone know? :idunno:

We have one that says “Labrador” and has the silhouette of a Lab on it. [/quote]
As I said, pillock-bait. :wink:

Maaaan you must have been reading my mind. I just thinking this the other day…And funny thing is, they never come off once the kid hits 10 or 15 or 20… :noway: I think I should create a new line of them

Psycho xiao jie on board
Packin Taxi Driver on Board
Betel Nut spitter on Board
Lust for English on Board
and so on :loco:

Irishman on Way to Pub on Board

I had the same question, but then someone told me that actually it began because there was an accident, and paramedics took the driver to the hospital, and failed to notice there was an infant, which had gotten stuck under a seat or something. So then people started putting these on their cars to avoid a recurrence of this; later it just turned into a fad.

True or myth, no idea.


I have a “steal your face” on my helmet, and so far no one has tried to crash into my skull because of it. :slight_smile:

I have a “Baby on board” for my NSR, and my Cygnus…thanks for reminding me…I need to pick one up for my 600CBR.

Totally unneccessary. After all, they can see you. :laughing:

I saw a blue truck with 2 of those decals on friday. was about right too.

I remember Howie Mandel the comedian doing a bit once…He was walking through a parking lot. He sees a car with the “baby on board” sticker on it. He says “Oh cute…I love babies…let’s have a look at the little guy”. He then looks in the cars window…failing to see the baby he starts freaking out “Oh no! The baby must have fallen out of his baby seat…and rolled under the car seat!..He could be sufficating under there!..DON’T WORRY LITTLE GUY I’LL GET YOU OUT!” At which point he breaks in the car window with something and after searching through the car he is more than a little confused by the fact there was no baby in it.

I saw that over 10 years ago…ahh, good old Howie.

When I had my Subaru Forester I made my own yellow [color=black]
Babe on Board
[/color] sticker. I always made sure I looked good driving round town in my pimped- out, black, tinted, surfboard-decaled, soccer-mom ride.

This is my 1000th post. Just for you, MJB.

Definately need one of these. The amount of times I have been coated in a fine film of betel nut and saliva…the warning would be nice.

The alternative sticker used to say CHILD IN CAR, which I thought was a lot more appropriate. I considered getting a T-shirt made.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen many of these stickers here in Texas. Back when the fad was petering out around here, though, you’d see things like “Smith & Wesson On Board”, and a silhouette of a revolver.

Baka Gaijin on Board!

Gimme some good ideas, maybe I’ll print some up.