Bad words, English Chinese, home & school appropriateness?

Help!!! I’m a G-rated person in a G-rated household.
I’m not beyond adult Language or adult entertainment but that should be done after hours away from children…
Brown paper packages unmarked if you know what I mean.
Language to me has connotations and almost magical power…

Without getting philosophical the f word and the b word, the c word and several other words just don’t make me feel comfortable.
I swear pretty good as Yosemite Sam saying actually no bad words and my wife said didnt like my mouth. She also doesn’t like when my normally G-rated pop culture commentators talk about star wars, Star Trek, He-Man, Starfire, Doctor Who and other formerly long-running series that parents passed down to children. It becomes f-bomb City.

Also safe children’s shows like Doctor Who started using some words…
“The Bitch is Back” which caused me to evaluate if my very young children could continue to watch. They had become big fans since David Tennant and Matt Smith.
My wife and I thought the content and the Doctor overrided our concerns.
We just asked that our children don’t use the language directly.

One child who just graduated sixth grade tells us swearing is used everywhere even by the teachers.
I guess times change…

What are your honesty opinions.
I can’t watch movie that drops constant f-bombs in front of the children, like trailer park boys. You could have had the same impact without the language or using normal words creatively.
What about you? At what age should you allow your children to use such language if it is currently appropriate?

What about in your own classroom?

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Help me out here please.
b & c??

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Bitch… C is the slang word for vagina.


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Cum now, you know the word. Nothing wrong with the word “clitoris” that’s a small but important part.
You can’t even say it like a swear word.

Did I misspell something here?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.
What do you expect from the media you consume be it a TV show, a movie or a song.

Icrt got the boot from my car because because of a song it played.
I’m driving somewhere with my kids and their classmates…
My little first grader daughter says
“Daddy, what’s a peacock?”
This is the part where Katy Perry said she wants ride a peacock.

We switched to mellow mandopop after that.

How old are they?

There’s a finite number of swear words. Your kids probably already know them. The rest… meh. It’s language. If you don’t like hearing swear words, that’s on you, no? If you don’t like your children watching tv shows and movies with swear words in, that’s easy to control. Teachers aren’t swearing at school. Kids lying about what goes on at school? Timeless.

In England we can say ‘bitch’ without everyone fainting. Swear words have different strengths both between users and culturally.

For me, if I swear around an adult that’s on me. I don’t swear around children because I’m modelling for them how to talk without cursing. If I hear it on TV it’s just another word. But you hear two kids talk to each other…when they think they are alone… they are effing and jeffing like crazy. They use swears to define themselves in the same way they use clothes, social media, etc And children know swears, they are just better at not using them than ‘grown ups.’ My nephew is 15, I used ‘fuck,’ in front of him for the first time the other day, it was kinda like letting him try my beer. We both acknowledged the moment. :relaxed: I’ve heard him call his sister a cunt many times when he thinks I’m no listening. Little shit! :joy:

It’s an interesting topic, as it’s under the language umbrella, but it’s also under the culture and personal belief umbrellas too. Needs a Venn diagram. :grin:

Sidenote: if a child starts using sexualised swear words seemingly from nowhere… this is a very different and potentially worrying turn of events.

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Well I dont own a TV or a radio. Of course everything would be available on tablets or computers but the kids have no access to that.

No influence from the media … but from the classmates.

Oh my God no Media?
I exposed my kids and students to a healthy variety from Looney Tunes to Classic Nicktoons They were able understand and dissect puns and cultural references.

What kind of media or books do you share with your kids? How old are they now.
Uranus, it’s a planet…
My beef is with certain words and media…
For instance Modern Family talked about so many diverse subjects with total respect.

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That was intentional lmao.

It’s a bird. Katy perry wants to ride a bird. :rofl:

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I let my children decide for themselves and never hide any media from them at any age. My teenagers grew up fine and don’t often use vulgarity. The younger ones usually ignore adult content and go do their own things. The 5-year-old loves scary, gory movies, but leaves the room when I watch Rick and Morty or Stranger Things because they’re “cringe”.

Credit to your son, I’d rather watch something like Sponge Bob than Rick n Morty and I’m 47.

The first film still kills me.

No, clam.

That’s the daughter. The 7-year-old boy asks to watch Rick and Morty. :slight_smile:

The best school to learn foul language is … school.

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Why is it always birds in the pants. Why not snakes…?

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My kids are unter 10. Only when on a plane I allow TV.
TV in Taiwan is terrible. To me it is not the language but more violence broadcasted already in the afternoon.
I have a selection of German books and audiobooks. Of course I do encourage my kids to interact with others. I hope that will be a foundation for cultural references.

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The snakes are on the plane.