Baked Beans

Not tinned spaghetti! We were students, not barbarians!

I hate baked beans.

For the REAL gourmets (or if it was the third week of term and your entire student grant had failed to make much of an impression on your overdraft, leaving you with 37p to last until Christmas), you would toast the bread first and then split it down the centre for that oh so cosmopolitan New York-style thin crust vibe. Plus of course it meant two slices, not one – lunch AND dinner! Oh, the hedonistic gluttony of it all.

Mmm, yes, with the toast topping of kings; mayonnaise (your rich flatmate’s of course).

Tinned spaghetti works magic on a hangover. Chucked over toast. Can’t explain why; just is. Excuse the pun.

I hate to think what I ate at Uni. Minced mad cow, at least 2 nights of the week ……… enough said.

You could afford MEAT at uni?

I chewed my fingernails a lot…

I was the rich flatmate. Where’s my mayonnaise?

I ate it ALL. And your cheese. Now I’m going to play loud music and throw up in your bedroom.

Heinz Baked Beans Carrefour market, Jing an rd, Zhonghe today lots of tins get em while you can!

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I see them here in Kaoshuing too for awhile, but the price puts me off as the Dollars hypermarket is less but a lessor brand.

Jason’s Ximen always has baked beans, as does Ximen and Erchong Carrafour. And they’re Crosse & Blackwell which are way better than that crunchy Heinz crap.
Dunno why everyone thinks they’re so difficult to find. It’s not exactly caviar or saffron.

But finding the smokey bacon ones is a treat.

No shit–that is steep for austerity food.

It’s ridiculously expensive. But that’s the price you pay for imported food in a country that lives on rice, noodles and bian dang. The demand is low.


I’m a bit tired of baked beans here in the U.K.

I live in Yorkshire and only use them when I do a fry up with Cumberland sausage, eggs, toast, fries, etc. Would never eat them solo. They are 40P.

Same with Spam. Fine as part of something else, such as Spam musubi, but not out of the can. When parents retired to Hawaii, I was shocked by how popular it was–even served at McD’s.

I disagree.

I also know not difficult to get but Heinz are!

Have possibly tried Branston? Now they really are the business. Nice thick dark sauce and not to much of it.

I wonder if Carrefour has their own brand of beans, then it might be cheaper

They do. I bought a lot at Tianmu Carrefour, and they’re quite cheap (under 100NTD per 800grams) I can only see three kinds of beans from their online store, but I’ve bought lentils, chick peas, baked beans, kidney beans, white navy beans, etc.

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Carrefour has loads of different canned beans. Make sure you look in the weiguoren section.

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