Bali Bombing: Foreigners are Terrorist Targets

Saw the Bali Bomblast? :cry:

They may target American buildings and discos but they will take out those other “Americans” in the general vicinity. Be careful in the coming weeks because Taiwan is not immune to terrorist threats. :cry:

Isn’t this going to be the greatest support booster for the Bush/Blair push against Iraq?

I don’t know. But it should wake up the Asian countries to the threat in their backyard. The Philippines or Indonesia just are not very far away from Taiwan like New York or Iraq are to them.

I heard on BBC Radio 2 just now that the majority of the victims were Australian.

Apparently the Taiwanese media is reporting the same thing.

In response to Tonygo, it’s weird. These wacko terrorists obviously want war. They want to split the world into two groups: muslim extremists and everyone else. What the hell will that accomplish? The terrorists go around blowing up office buildings and discos and the “civilized” world (or Dub and Tony anyway) blows up countries trying to kill them. I just don’t get the point. What could they possibly gain? Unifying extremists? So what – they’ll never gain actual power by these tactics but will simply piss off the rest of the world. Or is it not an actual plan to achieve something but more like a child having a temper tantrum? If I can’t get my way I’ll make your life miserable. Let’s just hope it’s just a phase that will pass.

It’s a bit like that sniper in Washington, isn’t it? You’ll never know where the next blow will come from (or where and when the next bomb will explode). Thus, I don’t think Bali is going to be more dangerous than it used to be in the immediate future. The next thing that happens will probably be something completely different, something nobody actually expected. Any guesses?

I think that’s pretty scary!


I hope it’s Core Pacific City aka The Living Hell Mall aka Jing Hua Cheng. Early in the morning when noone’s there, of course. :wink:

We’ve thus far seen targeted:
a place of work (wtc)
places of government
a place of play (bali)

Next targets could possibly be:
a place of study (universities)
a place of worship

I have much to say on this whole subject, but will refrain from saying it here and instead blather to people I know personally. Lucky segue.

What these fanatics and terrorists need is something used for years in Northen Ireland… that being INTERNMENT…

Get the guys with the brains of Al Queda like that “holy” man in Indonesia… throw them in jail and do not let them communicate with anyone… and yes if it seems like a police state then so be it… most of the lower level guys in these oroganizations are probabily ignorant naieve uneducated people… look at most of these guys in the videos from the Philipines Indonesia and Afhganistan…

My personal thinking is these bombings are going to get more and more… that bombing in Bali is probabily a great example for these terorists to follow up on or better

Regardless of what is the cause or who really started it… American involvement in the Middle East blah blah blah, Israel Blah blah blah there are loads of opinions and theories why these extermists are doing this … someone is going to have to finish it

Finally, the global news and newsworthy items are in vogue again. Car bombs in Bali, airline crashes in NYC, so what is the Taiwan anti-terrorist plan of action?

[quote]Shhhhhhhhh, be very quiet, and they won’t see us here in Taiwan. Oh my Gosh, nobody here but us American ESL teachers…oh wait, we’re in cognito, just us British ESL teachers! Oh darn, I mean Australian ESL teachers…Oh shoot, we’re all just your fellow Irish Guinness drinking non-aligned pacifist terrorist groupies…No, don’t shoot, Muslims don’t drink Guinness…I Got IT!!

We Taiwanese!!! No speakie Englishie!!! We just a Taiwanese bignose renounced -er-denounced those Infidel Passports…er…converted to Taiwanese speakers of non-native gibberish…Smart thinking!!! Whew. What a close call. :smiley:[/quote]

The thing that worries (and sickens) me is that in various places (busted al-qaida cells in the US, as well as overseas), they’ve found multiple videos of Disneyland, casing the entire place. Not good.

little iron…trust me, this is not too far from true. my cousin works for Disney…he is now in the Japan parks helping them set up, among other things, heightened security measures… I think Disney is very concerned that they may be a target… YIKES~

The emotions and outrage expressed here are exactly the same that the majority of the world’s increasingly hostile 1.5 billion Muslims express among themselves when talking about the way the Western world is treating them. They also talk of all-out religious warfare as being the only answer and scoff at our pain and outrage as meaning nothing next to their own, so your notion that your adversary is just a small band of inscrutable religious fanatics is incorrect.

Do you really want to embark on a religious war then with one-quarter of the world’s population in which weapons of mass destruction are sure to be used by both sides before it’s over? And the land mass that you’ll be fighting most of your religious war on is also the reservoir of most of the world’s economic life blood, oil.

I believe anyone who kills innocent people in the name of a cause is despicable but when I look around I don’t see anyone whose hands are clean. No one’s.

Just some parting thoughts as you strike up the military band and raise your banners high on your merry way towards Armageddon.


I think you must temper your statements- I am confident that not everyone on this board is pro-war in this case. In fact, personally I think war is a stupid alternative. I don’t understand my countries insistence in being the world

Guest, I’ve met many muslims in recent years, and all (the ones at least that I talked with) are horrified that other Muslims would commit these acts. They also mentioned all other Muslims they know would feel the same. Even if they felt the West’s policies hurt the middle east, etc, they all felt this was absolutely no excuse for rampant killing of innocents.

The west’s policies to harm the livelihood to different degrees of many people (not just Muslims). However, at no time have I seen or heard any proof that the West would like to specifically kill innocent lives; that has never been a major goal. In fact, the west seems to specifically try to avoid killing innocents whenever possible. To me, at least, that means a fair amount. I’m not saying I agree with everything the west does, I just think there’s a big difference in the way the two sides are ‘handling’ issues. And it seems like the extremists are the only ones who want a ‘religious war.’

There’s a whole other boring thread on this very issue, so I’m not trying to start this debate. I’m just trying to point out that in my experience, most Muslims are not extremists, and while many may really dislike the policies of the west, it is certainly not the ‘majority’ that believe these policies are justification for the killing that has occurred., … 30,00.html

Having been in the US Army, I am a Gulf War veteran. The need to deal with Al Quada and Afghanistan became obvious during the Gulf War. They’re less than ideal allies and then it just grew worst for ten years as no one did anything about their role in terrorism. But then you’ve just never did perimeter security on Khobar Towers. You’ve never woke up to SCUD missile attacks at 2:00 am. You’ve never had anthrax shots. You’ve never dealt with those Chinese whom actually supplied some of the parts for Iraqi missiles and Iraqi anthrax. That is because the US military are just expendable. Now US citizens are just expendable and you don’t care about it. Strike up with terrorist support groups, because you don’t matter anymore.

As for human rights on Gitmo, it is monitored by people like me in Civil Affairs units, not those military police units. Of course, civil affairs as a military unit is just meaningless to anti-military opponents. So go apologize for Beijing or Baghdad from there. I guess we got a raw deal in America, because we’re expendable and you don’t even care about it. You care so much for those enemy aliens far more than innocent civilian life. Of course, they don’t care if you look like an American or Australian. You’re expendable just like the military as civilians are the new cannon fodder of the war on terrorism. Line doggies on the front lines of anywhere. MGM Grand Casino was a possible target in Las Vegas as we never were able to even explain the visit of those 911 hijackers to a local hotel near The Strip. Of course, the state emergency “response team” is inept for homeland security but I don’t care anymore as we’re expendable and the leadership is still full of incompetent idiots. What a generational leadership gaggle for homeland insecurity when it is composed of PhD “Draft Dodgers”, Vietnam Era officials out of touch with today’s wars, and the National Guard! Oh this is an ineffective readiness plan which the Chinese intend to see mobilized onto multiple fronts for stretching the “homeland security force” very thin.
Does anyone listen? Watch out for yourselves as this is itself is way too scary and is going to just get scarier in the end. The problem is whom is scarier–guest and his friends, the Muslim terrorists, or the Chinese.

“Next targets could possibly be:
a place of study (universities)
a place of worship”

These places, especially churches, have been the target of those bomb attacks for several years in Indonesia. It happens so often, you get numb. I remember in the year of 2000, tens of explosions took place at the same time during Christmas Eve service in several big cities in Indonesia.

I always thought that Bali was probably the safest place in Indonesia since most of the resident adhere to Hindu faith, and there had never been any racial-religious clash in that island, unlike Jakarta, Central Java, or even Lombok Island, an island only an hour by boat from Bali.

I believe the government of Indonesia knows that there are people linked with the terrorism movement, but is reluctant to bring them to justice due to very complicated issues it may bring such as clashes between religions and so on. In a few days the congress is supposed to come up with a plan on how to deal with the terrorism, I hope the gov’t would dare enough to take significant measures this time.

Most Muslims are not terrorists but most terrorists are in fact Muslim. Ain’t no hiding from the fact that their civilization, societies, culture, whatever has a problem. It is not up to us to examine the root causes, they need to and until they do, we had all better be ready to defend ourselves.

Come on, even the most hard-lined Muslim politician in Indonesia surely wouldn’t approve of a terrorist attack within their own borders… Think about the economic implications that this act will have on Indonesia’s economy, not to mention the rest of Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia). In just 3 days, Qantas Airlines (an Australian group) has dropped in value by 3%. Buggered if I’m going surfing in Bali again, maybe I should choose Laos.


The Big Babou :frowning:

[quote=“The Big Babou”] Buggered if I’m going surfing in Bali again, maybe I should choose Laos.

I hope you’re joking.