Bands, Singers, and Musicians Needed


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“Elvis” located at Civil boulevard and Da-an is looking for small acoustic, jazz, or experimental bands 7 nights a week. Please call Jon at 0917 999 314 to submit a demo or to notify us of where you are playing so we can check you out. You can also contact me at



Im new to Taipei and have been thinking about putting together a small acoustic act. I have been playing for about 7 years but have slacked off the past year but want to get serious again. I would like to start by jamming with a few people and makeing some friends then maybe finding a small venue/club/bar to perform.

I play a lot of Dave Mathews and like a wide genre of music… but tend to focus on things that can are acoustically inclinded. I have a lot of original content that is pretty decent and played in a band in College for two years.

Drop me an email if you are interested…



ok well the bear has decided it’s time to get the band back together so anyone interested in meeting for some open-ended jazz-improv. jams then let me know…i play keyboards but can play some guitar or bass if needed…the kind of music i’m interested in would be mostly jazz-funk, groove-based stuff but also anything improv. related. jazz standards also would be cool if there’s any horn players interested…

you do need to have command of your instrument but technical virtuosity is not essential (otherwise i’d be fucked for starters!)

former members of the late, great reverend peacock are welcome to apply

let me know if anyone’s interested


Oh yes, but damn it, I am in Taichung county.


Hi the bear, I’m a bass-player (e- & double bass), mostly interested in anything that grooves, have played funk, standards & latin and lots of other stuff. Can double on the guitar as well. Have full gear. Don’t read music but have ears. PM me if you’re still looking for either a bass player or a guitarist. Thanks, Xpet.


sorry bassman the kiwi funk connection will just have to wait 4 now…xpet PM coming yr way


fellow jazz guitarists/musicians

I’ve been studying and playing jazz guitar for about 15 years. I’m living in Nei-Hu (Taipei) and am looking for other jazz guitarists or musicians who would be interested in playing small combo stuff.


I’ve been studying and playing jazz guitar for about 15 years. I’m living in Neihu (Taipei) and am looking for other jazz guitarists or musicians who would be interested in playing small combo stuff.


My wife, flutist, and myself, classical guitarist, would be interested in hooking up with other musicians for small ensemble music making (classical/romantic/20th cent.).

A cellist, violinist, violist or melodic percussionist might make a nice ensemble.

any of those people lurking on the island in the Taipei area.

we’re in Nei-Hu.


I play piano, trap, and a little bit of guitar/bass. But I’m not in taiwan…yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Go about finding a band to play in.

I’m a dumb drummer…new in Taiwan. Are there any bands around (either foriegn or Taiwanese) and if so, what is the band circuit/music culture like here?



There is a scene. I don’t know what you play, but if it’s original rock, and you’re in Taipei, try seeing some of the weekend performances at Underground and that new place out in gongguan (anyone know the name?). Hang around long enough and you’ll meet some people, let 'em know that you’re a drummer or put out the notice that you’re available and you’ll find a band … good drummers (dumb or not) are appreciated …

If you’re into covers, or you just need a place to practice, go to APA studios, which has some good drum practice rooms, and always has local bands practicing covers.

2F, 127 Heping E. Rd., Sec. 2


You could also try contacting Scott Ezell to see if he wants a band partner. :slight_smile:


Why not go straight to Officer Peter Chen? I’m sure he has a whole list. :laughing:


I am a Jazz singer looking for other musicians for gigging. Send me your contact info we can talk.



I am in Taipei, I am looking for jazz musicians to play with, at first just to practice together and later maybe go on stage. I play the piano and I have one in my house.

All inquiries welcome


I am a jazz pianist, hope to find a partner to play with,

Please contact at


I am a jazz guitarist from texas. I will arrive in taipei on the second of august to live. Let me know if you want to get together.


i’m a jazz guitarist from texas. i’ll be moving to taipei on the 2nd of august. let me know if you want to play.


i play a bit of drums. i’ve never gotten serious about jazz drumming, but i’d love to work at it with a practicing group. you don’t happen to have drums in your house though, do you? regardless, hit me back here to start swith. as it happens, i’m also from texas.