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[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/finding-english-books-in-taiwan/1037/1 Where can I find English books in Taiwan?[/url]
2. Where can I sell/buy second-hand books?
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/buying-renting-dvds-in-taiwan/1057/1 Where can I find DVDs in Taipei/Taiwan?[/url]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/ordering-books-and-movies-online/4928/1 How can I order books or movies online?[/url]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/taipei-movie-theater-directory/11404/1 Where are the movie theaters in Taipei/Taiwan?[/url]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/bands-singers-and-musicians-needed/8911/1 Where can I find fellow musicians?[/url]

[color=#0000FF]Where can I find a schedule of English TV in Taiwan?[/color] is another popular question. There is no one website with all that is on TV. Buy a copy of either the Taipei Times or China Post for a daily schedule. The China Post has a 3 day schedule for selected channels online (Disney, ESPN, Hollywood, Star Movies, National Geographic, etc.): http://www.chinapost.com.tw/tvlistings/ Otherwise, you simply need to find individual channels’ websites. For example, the HBO and cinemax channels are here: http://www.hboasia.com/index.php/signature If you don’t believe me, post here.

[color=#0000FF]Interested in Asian Music?[/color] Then please add to and update these threads:
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/alternative-indie-and-underground-taiwanese-chinese-music/4967/1 Indie, and Underground Taiwanese/Chinese Music[/url]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/taiwanese-and-chinese-pop-rock-and-jazz-recommendations/779/1 and Chinese Pop, Rock, and Jazz Recommendations?[/url]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/looking-for-metalheads/51909/1 for Metalheads[/url]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/favorite-bands-in-taiwan/13862/1 Bands in Taiwan[/url]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/what-is-the-taiwanese-music-scene-oxymoron/47029/1 is the Taiwanese Music Scene?!? Oxymoron?[/url]

[color=#0000FF]Popular threads 1: Let us know …[/color]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/what-are-you-watching-tv-series-etc/47675/1 what you are watching (TV)[/url].
… what you are watching (movies). -Updated, August 2012
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/what-are-you-reading-2011/32450/1 what you are reading.[/url]

[color=#0000FF]Popular threads 2: Forumosans are listening to …[/color]
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/the-most-beautiful-songs-ever-written/56352/1 Most Beautiful Songs Ever Written[/url]; [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/earworms-songs-that-get-stuck-in-your-head/11447/1 (Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head)[/url]; [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/the-hardest-rockin-songs-ever/59558/1 Hardest Rockin’ Songs Ever![/url]; [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/the-most-electronic-thread/60235/1 Most Electronic Thread[/url]; [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/im-loving-this-song-today/60931/1 Loving This Song Today[/url]; [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/best-jazz/56530/1 Jazz[/url]; [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/best-music-videos/32779/1 Music Videos[/url]

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