Not much gets said about the cities around Taipei. Although that might not be without some justification, there are places worth mentioning outside the main city.

I’m starting a thread on Panchiao, the city to the southwest of Taipei.

To kick things off, I’ve put up a Web page on directions to the Taipei County Foreign Affairs Police Station, which many foreigners need to visit at least once.

The maps on that page may make it easier to refer to other places in Banqiao.


Good Idea! Great start for the police station, I think most foreigners living in Taipei County have probably been there. I like them. They are very polite and helpful, completely different from my previous experiences elsewhere.

I hope I am not changing the subject by asking you if you know when the final portion of the Banqiao MRT will be finished?

I have made a web page about Panchiao and Tucheng, too. There are a few things worth seeing in the area. Go to

As far as I know the MRT line to Tucheng will be completed in 2005.

Much to the annoyance of many of us who live in Banqiao, the remainder of the MRT will not be opened in stages, which means that densely populated Banqiao will not have more MRT stations until the line all the way out to the boonies is finished several years from now. :? :frowning:

That sucks! I feel sorry for you guys, and 2005? :shock:

So what is there to do in Banqiao? I have been there numerous times but only for work and that was around the new Far East Department store and Foreign Affairs Police…

Wix has several good suggestions on his page about Banqiao and Tucheng.

If you look at the Hsinpu (Xinpu) map at the bottom of the page I mentioned earlier, there are a few places worth knowing about if you’re in the area.

Between exit 2 and the spot marked C are a not bad bakery, a store with lots of inexpensive Japanese stuff, and a nice vegetarian store.

Unlike Taipei’s flower market, Banqiao’s, which is also at Hsinpu/Xinpu station, is open all week long, though not all places are open except on the weekends.

On my web site I have some information about the Lin Family Gardens. Its probably Banqiao’s number one tourist attraction.

If you’d like to go somewhere for a quite drink (be it tea, ale or something stronger) I highly recommend a small pub/tea house in Minzu Road. It used to be called “0204”, but now the only English on the sign says “Live Band, Humanities Workshop” in Chinese it says


23, Lane 49, GuoQing (KuoChing) Road, Panchiao City, Taipei county
Tel: (02) 2964-1422
Hours: Every Sunday, please call in advance

In the past, it was only possible to see Chinese New Year Paintings during the lunar new year. However, with changes in modern society causing a move away from traditional folk arts, it is getting more difficult to see such paintings, even during the new year. With the aim of promoting this form of art, Feng Xi Tang provides a place for the public to see Chinese New Year paintings all year round and to learn their history and how they are created, as well as meet the people who create them. This makes it the first exhibition hall of its kind in the Taipei area. Apart from the permanent display of Chinese New Year paintings, there are also special exhibits featuring local artists. In addition, visitors have the chance to create their own paintings.

PS: I agree with adding dedicated links/postings for other cities in Taiwan on Segue…especially for the South. The area is always overshadowed by Taipei.

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If the Lin gardens (yawn yawn yawn) is Banqiao’s star attraction it’s worse than I thought. (Well maybe not, I already thought it was pretty bad).

I live in Panchiao (my preferred spelling for it, thank you) but haven’t been to the Lin Gardens (I also think yawn, yawn, yawn). However, I’ve found it to be a pretty convenient place to live and they’ve done a good job of revitalizing parts of it. Good luck remembering where the tax office is if you live here, though.

It might be worth noting here that Sir Donald is also on record as discouraging visits to the National Palace Museum, the greatest collection of Chinese art anywhere in the world, unless you like looking at “plates.” :?

Be honest. Has anyone who doesn’t like plates really enjoyed the National Palace Museum?


Hi team - howthehellareya?

Finally found out today where I will be staying in Taipei

Ban Chau (spelling is probably wrong…)

Can anyone offer any insight into what sort of area this is? One of my Taiwanese MSN chums said that it is ‘very popular with foreigners’ - but thats the only info that I can find…

Is it close to an MRT station? I can imagine relying on the MRT and walking as opposed to driving one of those tiny suicidal scooters (Im 185cms tall and weigh 115kgs!)

Any nice bars or clubs around Ban Chau? Do any forumosans live close by?

Thanks for any info - good or bad :slight_smile:

Banqiao, there is a MRT station and a train Station in the Taipei County Government office. Just check for the blue line on the MRT map.

click here for a map of the surroundings of Banqiao station


Banqiao/Ban Chau/Ban Chiao/Ban Chiau… the list goes on :slight_smile:

They just opened a new ‘international" supermarket there (Jason’s) near the train station. Avoid the foreigners’ pub there.

Thanks Flicka - its starting to sound better :wink:

Apparently some nice hiking trails and temples in the area too which sounds good

[quote=“pubba”]Do any forumosans live close by?[/quote]Ewwwwww…why would you want that? :aiyo:

Banciao (Banqiao) is the administrative seat of Taipei County. I think some foreigners like living there because it has an MRT line and you can rent a brand-new apartment with an elevator and modern amenities for NT$15K or less. Those are big advantages, and the downtown shopping area is also pretty convenient with a Warner Village etc, if you like that sort of thing.

But you need to focus on the fact that it is in Taipei Co. where standards of living, infrastucture, and cultural life are far lower than Taipei City. Crime is higher, it’s noisier and dirtier and many more scofflaws. Some areas are unbelievably crowded and claustrophobic, traffic is nasty, and there are still a fair number of home factories.

There are no clubs or bars of note in Banqiao. If you like to go out, you will be spending quite a bit of money on time and money on taxis into the city.

Thanks Feiren and :laughing: Taichung Social Club

Banciao will be my ‘base’ in Taipei if I stay there or even live there long term. My friends family have offered me an entire level of their home for a fraction of the cost I would pay here in Australia.

At least it will be a soft landing when I first arrive, because my friends sister can speak basic English and can help me get around for the first day or so…

The MRT station is a big plus, as I plan to learn the ins and outs as soon as possible (anything to avoid the notorious Taiwan traffic…!)

I rarely drink to excess here, actually cant remember the last time I had a ‘big’ night out, so the lack of bars and clubs doesnt phase me too much…

Does the MRT run 24 hours a day? Can you give me a rough idea how long it would take to travel from Banciao to ‘Taipei city’ ?

Also what are ‘scofflaws’ and ‘home factories’?

Im sure that Banqiao is a metropolitan oasis compare to sunny Wu Qi :smiley: