Barbecue Places in Taipei

Who sells the most authentic American BBQ in Taipei?

In a restaurant setting, Baba Kevin’s probably.

If you want to make your own, get your cuts at Costco.


I don’t have a smoker or anything like that. I’m after the real deal! Sweet sweet American BBQ

Real deal? Hmmn… well, Baba Kevin’s is great by Taiwanese standards, but let’s just say it wouldn’t win any awards in Texas or anything. It is decent though, and it has a lot of comfort food sides, like Mac & Cheese, sweet potato and cornbread.


This one’s real good, near Nangang train station:


You can get a Bogart’s BBQ pork sandwich at ParkLife.
ParkLife Drinking Room Taipei
10455, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Section 3, Civic Blvd, 41號1樓
02 2751 5565


David Diner in Zhongli near Chung Yuan night market

Great ribs, nice meat falls off the bone, decent bark on outside, the flavors are cooked in, not poured on top after cooking, rack is huge, three flavor choices bourbon, spicy, blueberry I’ll try next. Nice atmosphere.

They also have some Tex Mex.

David Diner
No. 43號, Xietong Street, Zhongli


Blueberry… I guess that’s sort of a Taiwanese thing, sort of like bubble tea pizza.

Do taiwan have aged bbq offer in taipei - locals cheap under 50ntd per 100 grams

Yeah sounds kind of strange but the bourbon flavor was quite nice so I’m tempted to try the blueberry.

OK, I assume I’m missing something, but for now the only way I can parse this is “barbecued local elderly for sale, $50/100g” (with foreign elderly presumably more expensive, I guess?).

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I think people interpret barbecue differently. Some people think of ribs, some people think of a throwing a bunch of meat on a grill and cook it yourself, some people think of it as a flavor and there’s other ideas.

The thread title is not clear enough to differentiate the OPs intent.

Apparently Americans (from what I’ve seen in films) consider it throwing hamburger patties or hot dog sausages onto a grill with open flames underneath, and burning the fuck out of it.

I want that real shit Americans make on July 4th :smiley::smiley:


hell yeah but you forgot the ketchup

Yeah, I miss dogs and burgers on a charcoal grill too. :disappointed:

I enjoy BaBa Kevin’s. Kevin holds a high standard of his food and expect the certain quality and consistency. And he’s a really nice guy. He will replace any food you didn’t enjoy with something else.


We DO and I miss the fuck out of it! Charcoal dogs and burgers bring back great memories of my late grandfather who was a grill master. :pensive:

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He is an awesome dude. Good craft beer too.


Kevin is great. Not a fan of his ribs.