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I know that Xu Noxi is injured.

What about Huang Enci?


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This moron hits a walk off single, then throws his helmet up into air and starts celebrating when he’s only half way to first.

The color commentator was going, "先踩壘包先踩壘包.”

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He is in the minors for now. This hasn’t been a good year for him either.

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Channel 72 has been showing all the Group B games beginning @ 10am in Taichung. The Taiwan games have come on @ 7pm, game 3 of each day. Not sure how the 2nd will round will be scheduled.
Unfortunately, they now show replays of the previous day’s games or NBA rather than MLB live playoff games. Alas…

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Here is TQP for Taiwan-Japan-Korea, in case they finish with a 3-way tie.

Korea 7
Taiwan 5
Japan 3

And…lost to Mexico.

Wonder why not a word from the Taiwanese media about Carol and Fairchild.

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:thinking: :thinking:


Fans were yelling 便當便當 [in Daigi], 揮棒落空 when we were pitching, which the announcer mistranslated as “strikeout.”

ANNOUNCEMENT: 棒協 will make an announcement!

Looks like they know each other or are aware of each other. The Classic would allow them to play together.

Huang has officially turned down the invite, citing contract to started in the majors next spring training with the Giants.

Sung Chia-Hao of the Rakuten Golden Eagles has said that he would like to join Team Taiwan.

If Carroll Fairchild or Stuart Fairchild wouldn’t be apart of this WBC roster, Chen Tzu-Hao of the Brothers played brilliantly in the second half of the season, and should probably be a replacement.

I would take Wu Nienting as a middle infielder first

黃暐傑 does not value society.

Both Corbin Carroll and Stuart Fairchild turned down the opportunity to don Team Taiwan’s uniform for this WBC. So my original list is down by 2 out fielder and 1 pitcher. Wang Po-jung has stated his willingness to participate, however, I don’t think he will be selected unless he can demonstrate that he is back to form. Below is my revised ideal roster for this WBC.

A team can bring 30 players. 13 of them have to be pitchers, and there must be at least 3 catchers.

My Fielders:

Name Hanji Position Team
Giljegiljaw Kungkuan 吉力吉撈.鞏冠 C Wei Chuan Dragons
Lin Hung-yu 林泓育 C Rakuten Monkeys
Kao Yu-Chieh 高宇杰 C Chinatrust Brothers
Lin Chih-sheng, Ngayaw Age’ 林智勝 1B Wei Chuan Dragons
Hsu Chi-hung 許基宏 1B Chinatrust Brothers
Kou Yen-wen 郭嚴文 1B, 2B Rakuten Monkeys
Yu Chang 張育成 1B, 2B, 3B, SS Red Soxs
Lin Li 林立 2B, 3B Rakuten Monkeys
Liang Chia-Jung 梁家榮 3B Rakuten Monkeys
Jiang Kun-Yu 江坤宇 SS Chinatrust Brothers
Wang Seng-wei, Haro Ngayaw 王勝偉 SS, 2B Chinatrust Brothers
Chen Chen-wei 陳晨威 OF Rakuten Monkeys
Lin Tzu-Wei, Tahai Isliduan 林子偉 2B, 3B, SS, OF Long Island Ducks
Chen Tzu-Hao 陳子豪 OF Chinatrust Brothers

Back up Fielder options:

Name Hanji Position Team
Hu Chin-Lung 胡金龍 OF, 2B Uni Lions
Lin Shu-Yi 林書逸 OF Chinatrust Brothers
Cheng Chin 成晉 OF Rakuten Monkeys
Pan Chieh-Kai 潘傑楷 3B Uni Lions
Kuo-Chen Fan 范國宸 1B Fubon Guardians


Name Hanji Position Team
Liu Chih-Jung, Cudjui Taljimahaw 劉致榮 SP Portland Sea Dogs
Teng Kai-Wei 鄧愷威 SP Richmond Flying Squirrels
Huang Tzu-Peng 黃子鵬 SP Rakuten Monkeys
Hu Chih-Wei 胡智為 SP Uni Lions
Wu Che-Yuan 吳哲源 SP Chinatrust Brothers
Kou Yu-Cheng 郭郁政 SP Wei Chuan Dragons
Chen Shih-Peng 陳仕朋 SP Fubon Guardians
Lin Tzu-Yu 林子昱 SP Wei Chuan Dragons
Lu Yen-Ching 呂彥青 RP Chinatrust Brothers
Chen Yun-Wen 陳韻文 RP Uni Lions
Hsu Chun-Yang 許峻暘 RP Rakuten Monkeys
Wang Yu-Pu 王玉譜 RP Wei Chuan Dragons
Sung Chia-Hao 宋家豪 RP Rakuten Golden Eagles
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吳念庭 is purportedly interested.

He also had an underwhelming year though.