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I wouldn’t place too much weight on recent performance. I think the 旅外 ,players should have priority.

If a player performed poorly for the season, then it’s up to the coaches to assess their readiness by evaluating that player’s mechanics. Wang Po-jung , for example, has to undo whatever the Ham-fighter coaches forced on him because right now his mechanics is awkward as heck. If it isn’t something as obvious as that, then only the coaches would know, so I’m going to base my list purely on the seasonal stats.

Boron :arrow_right: Seibu per reports.

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Hmm… but Wu Nian-ting is already on that team. I don’t think Wu went to high school in Japan, so he doesn’t count as a domestic player there. I wonder how well that would work out for both of them.

I thought he did. That’s why we’ve never seen him on any national team.

Now I’m hearing Orix wants him too. Wait…that’s where Cho Yaku is, although unsure he’s in Ichigun. He should join a team with another Taiwanese player.

What’s holding him back is psychological, not skill_related. He also needs to do something different if he wants different results.

LOL Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I think that’s the worse… Wang obviously feels he has something to prove, but I don’t think the coaches there could help him.

Worse than what? What do you have to prove in the CPBL when you’ve hit .400?

At least he wasn’t swinging awkwardly. I don’t think he will hi .250 in Taiwan with that swing.

Yeah they shouldn’t be messing with his swing. But he went 1 for 2 with that swing with a double and it’s not a beauty contest.

I thought this was him, but apparently there is an A starter called 林昱珉 with a high strikeout rate.