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He’s contract would probably be the veterans min in the NBA which would be just under 3m for his situation. This is probably why he isn’t signed, teams would rather pay a younger player 3m to develop.

The reports say it’s north of 1M, that’s it. Have you found any evidence it’s closer to 3M?

Howard is worth more in Taiwan than he is in the US. A market of crazed fans the size of California.

He’s sold out every game. The owner isn’t raising ticket prices, but they arranged for special court side seats for the rich people.

Dwight the Muscle - with Mr. Chen 陳之漢

Out for two weeks. Ask for a refund if you bought a ticket.

Someone thought it was a smart to have him play almost the entire game.

Saw some news some American NBA player think Taiwan player are all smaller than 180cm, I guess most men and lot of girls now taller than 180 haha


Sounds like just a bruise from a in game play. They’re just being careful but he’s alright from the sound of it.

Has anyone run into his yet??? :smiling_face_with_tear:

You could have run into him on AnHe Road in Taipei. Here he is visiting Lih Ren

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He’s such a kid, right in his element. :grin:

The crowd was booing Taoyuan leopards because Howard (nba player) didn’t play. They’re on a 1-7 losing streak and ranked last in the league. The GM resigned after.

I guess there’s still more games to come. Anyone planning to go to more? I’ll probably attend a few more and see if he ends up playing. The tickets are super cheap - around 300 NT and you might see a NBA player play.

Also if you have Taipei metro pass, you can take orange line all the way out to Danfeng, switch a line and pay maybe 15NT for the airport line to watch the game. So around 330NT to watch a nba player if you live in Taipei. Not bad.

I can watch 10 NBA players on my TV, so I effectively get NT$3,300 worth of value. That’s a couple of 24 packs of beer!


when are you going? I’ll go with ya

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He didn’t disclose that Howard wasn’t playing in advance, so people purchased tickets for the main show only for it to be a no-show.


I like to attend P. League+ games a lot more, especially here in Taipei. Usually close to sold out, generally fun experience and I feel like the teams are much more competitive.
Only downside is that they don’t sell beers in the arena, or I didn’t find them? But can bring in food and drinks from outside.

Twelve players and staff were ejected after a bench-clearing fight broke out when the Taoyuan Leopards played the Taiwan Beer HeroBears, among them former NBA all-star Dwight Howard.


Assistant coach should be fired for trying to fight a player.

That play wasn’t that “dirty”. The defender was all up on him and getting handsy. I was taught to give a defender one of those pivots with the elbow to make them back off as a warning.

Players get scrappy but the coach escalated that to another level. That should have been between the two players and ended if the coach didn’t jump in.

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Cheerleaders or snack?

LMAO how he smacked him with the ball at the start.

On Monday, the league saved its stiffest punishment for Herobears assistant coach Lin Chieh-ho (林玠禾), suspending him for 30 games and fining him NT$300,000 (US$9,872) for leaving the bench and attacking Chen.
It also said it will suggest to the T1 LEAGUE’s executive council that Lin be removed as a director of the league.

Video of the incident with timestamp: