Bead Breaking

Maybe 30 years since I last did this, and it seems A LOT harder than I remember.

In those distant days I drove onto the deflated tyre, or I used the foot of a bottle jack next to the rim with the weight of the car on the jack.

Not working for me any more, just slips off, so desperate improvisations are called for.

Ethnic bead breaker

Could have been made for the job. Unfortunately that was a very long time ago, and the wood behind the ploughshare is a bit rotten.

If I had the water buffalo it probably originally came with, I might be able to get that to stand on the bead, but unfortunately old equipment like this is often incomplete.

TBC, maybe

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LONG ACRO lever roped down at the end with inverted axle stand as fulcrum bead-breaker, as recommended by Archimedes for all-terrain.

Rather scarily ustable, and if that rope parts I’m likely to hurt myself, which might be why I couldn’t apply enough force to shift it.

Archimedes was perhaps less of a big jessie.

No More Mr Nice Guy: I used the old gate leaning against the wall as a ground anchor, with the lock hasp in the end of the tube replacing the inadequate rope, Axle stand the right way up gives less force concentration but is a lot more stable.

Put all my weight on it, with a noticable bend in the ACRO. STILL wouldn’t budge. Perhaps I could jack up the car and hang it on the end with the tow rope, but there might be too much stretch.

Thought of putting another inner tube in the other end of the ACRO to extend the lever, No More Mr Sane Guy stylee, but it doesn’t fit.

Tsk. Design Flaw

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I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish, but the photos look fascinating. jia you!


I’m trying to break the bead on the tyre, a la title.

Don’t call me “jia”. Sounds like a Star Wars character.

I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish, but I don’t like it.

Have you tried using duct tape?


Have you?

You could, for example, tape your keyboarding fingers together.

Think of the time saving.

Apologies. I miss-spelled ACROW.

Haven’t had any bead breaking requirements recently, but it was very useful for my hernia situation.

I suppose a bead breaking requirement might lead to a hernia situation.

I had some nylon mesh surgically implanted sometime after my last bead-breaking session (coincidence?) which seems a better long term solution so far.

Duct tape must hurt to remove

It’s not so bad as long as you shave the problem area first, and then remove the tape very very very very slowly.

Why on earth are you trying to do that yourself? Take it to a tire guy and be done. Can’t cost that much.

Shouldn’t that be “Ducked tape”?


Taped duck.

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I just use a hammer when I want to break beads.

Because he has started, and he won’t let that little f*&^%$g tyre get the better of him.

or something similar with more or less expletives :grin:


You may find this useful:


Why not?

Wow! A helpfull suggestion.

Did you not get the memo about “Cars and Motorcycles” being re-named to “Un-Funny Clowns Who Know Fuck All About Cars and Motocycles And Couldn’t Care Less?”

I thought of using the edge of the brake disk, but the front hub has a splash guard that would probably get damaged and would be a real pain to get off.

Might have worked with the rear hub. Its quite like the common driving on it technique (which didn’t work) but maybe less likely to slip off.

Id bet money a socket wouldn’t have done it on this tyre though.

If I hadn’t got the ACROW lever to work I might have tried that next. Maybe next time, since one doesn’t always have all that junk available

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Biological warfare : I have some rather old liquid laundry detergent which seems to have gone off, producing a soapy bacterial (?) slime with brown lumps in it.


Been using it to clean bike chains, but it seems to work as a tyre lubricant…

Worked it in around the rim with a brush and some water, left it to soak for an hour or so, moved the fulcrum a bit, and it finally let go.

Struggle to get it off the rim. Probably couldn’t have done it without the crowbar, though I tried everything I had.

For the other side, I anchored the wheel by putting it back on the car (the wrong way round, for clearance) and it was fairly easy.

One probably wouldn’t do that iwith paintwork or a wheel finish one cared about, but I carry neither burden.

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