Beef stock, soup, stock cubes

where can I buy beef stock, soup, stock cubes? Only see Pork and can’t use pork at my apartment.
I desperately want to make French onion soup with Gruyre cheese on with homemade sourdough bread.

Good luck with this. A few years ago I was looking for beef stock (in Taoyuan) and found it only at one place, a speciality baking/import store. Since that time, whenever I’ve been back in that store I’ve looked for it again, only to be disappointed that they’ve never carried it again.

I made my own homemade once and froze it, but it was a lot of work.

Afterwards I ended up ordering it from iHerb. I don’t know if they still carry it or not.

they are conspicuously missing for some reason. I wonder if it’s because of regulations?

Beef products can’t be imported. That is why you don’t see the cubes or cans of it.

However, RT Mart has frozen bags of beef stock. Look next to their frozen chicken stock.


I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen those Knorr stockpots that Marco Pierre White used to advertise. It was either Wellcome or Carrefour. Beef version might not be available due to BSE.

Good luck finding beef stock of any kind.

Twenty years ago, when wet markets were still plentiful here, you could often pick up beef bones cheap and make good stock from them. Alas, no more wet markets.

If you don’t mind chicken stock, Costco just started selling Swanson’s chicken stock. It wasn’t there before, but suddenly showed up last week.

I haven’t seen it here in forever. I still have a treasured jar of Better than Bouillon beef stock concentrate, ordered through iHerb, but now iHerb no longer seems to stock anything like that.

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Yep, that’s the one I had; I finally used it all up. It’s too bad iHerb doesn’t stock it anymore.

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And it will be gone as sudden as it appeared.

You are out of luck. I used to buy them at the Jason’s supermarket but they don’t import them anymore. I can’t find them anywhere else and this is one of the things friends and family always bring me when they come visit.

Costco in Hsinchu has carried the Swanson chicken stock (in cartons) for at least a year, although it comes and goes. There’s also an organic chicken stock that is also carried off and on (I think it’s Kirkland Signature).

I must be going native, though, since I’ve been using the Knorr chicken cubes from PXMart exclusively since last fall.

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If you go to the traditional markets that sells beef they do have cow bones for 30nt a pound/jin. But cooking stocks like this takes a long time. Also if you want brown stocks you have to bake the bone to brown them first. Otherwise the stock will be white/clear.


by the way I keep wondering how are those beef noodle soup guys making their beef soup? It takes at least 8 hours of cooking to make them from scratch and I’m pretty sure they can’t sell a bowl of soup for 60nt if every shop does it that way. So there has to be some kind of restaurant beef stock out there for them. Because if you tried to do it without cooking bones for 8 hours it will not taste anything like beef noodle soup (it will taste like soy sauce and not much more).

Beef noodle soup involves cooking most of the spices with the beef, and then seasoning (soy sauce and 豆瓣醬) is added prior to plating. The stock is made in the usual way. So theoretically you could buy it in. I reckon each shop does it the long way, though. I’ve seen several noodle shops with a huge stockpot out back.

It’s not such a chore if you’re selling 200 portions of it every day. Takes 3-4 hours. 8 hours probably adds some depth of flavour, but no so’s the average punter would notice …

Having read the responses above, though, I’m wondering where on earth they get their beef from. Perhaps the restaurants have got the entire supply chain sewn up, leaving us lowly plebs with nothing to buy retail.

I have seen some on ruten selling them, but have korean written all over it so I hesistated to get them… not because of the virus but because the flavors won’t be right…

I wish I known some Americans who can bring them for me…

Another (perhaps better or at least more available) option is to grill them, over charcoal or gas.

I have thought about making my own, as you all say is a real chore and would have to bake first, I did making Oxtail soup back home a few times, to be honest I always thought Heinz oxtail soup was better.
Have thought about approaching beef noodle shops to see if I can buy from them? Only problem can’t be certain only beef!
Going trip home UK in June/July maybe I should bring back a suitcase full with some Bovril.

I’ll check it out, Cheers.

Don’t even try…

One rule Taiwanese businessmen has: Never reveal your supply chains.

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