Beer Alert & Directory IV




Prob the oolong one, #2. The #4 is to dark for me, #3 is good, but also a winter seasonal. and im not crazy about #1 either.
On Untappd, i described it as “Peachy and wheaty without the wet-dog smell of a wit”


At Jasons they have this Kellerbier now in 1l cans - and also a Pils and a wheat beer.

1l is great for many occasions:

Police: did you drink? You: Just one can a few hours ago :smiley:


Is there a Beer Alert V that I’ve missed?

Simple Mart have a great selection of imported beers at the moment with various discounts on 2 or 3 bottles/cans. I just had a really nice Abbey-style French beer “la Divine St Landelin” which (I think) was 50-something NT$, and bought a couple of others to sample. I’ll add more details if they turn out to be any good.

Just bear in mind that I prefer beers that are less hoppy and more malty; not a big fan of Pilseners and IPAs, for example, although I did see some of those.


Scotch hits the spot now with the weather the way it is. I hit up Simple Mart all the time. I like their Polish beers there, like the one shown below.

simple beer 1


Simple Mart is my go-to place for beer purchases. Imported European beer for the cheapest prices I’ve ever seen in Taiwan. Yes, they’re not exactly prestige brands–Burge Meester from Spain, etc.–but at those low low prices, who cares? By the way, those are their regular prices, so no need to stock up before the sale is over or anything like that.


Costco today. 12 liters!


Is that any good? How bitter is it? I like a light taste. Not a fan of IPAs. I see it’s a pilsner and so has a bigger bite than a lager (that’s me trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about). So I would tread carefully, but it could also be very good.


Can’t say. Didn’t buy it since in my house beer stocks are not exactly dependable (my wife’s 24-yr old, FTL son lives with us). Beeradvocate says it’s ‘okay,’ though (currently 3.32/5). It even earns its own style, which beeradvocate lists as ‘Dortmunder / Export Lager.’ Maybe some Germans can weigh in here.

Here’s their description:
“Made popular in the 19th century in Dortmund, Germany, these pale golden lagers exhibit a classic clean character with notes of biscuity malts. Bitterness is akin to a German Pilsner with an aromatic aroma. Mouthfeel is firm and even, with an overall dry tone.”


OK, here it is, we now officially passed the 120 different Belgian beers mark. Come over and enjoy.


Most of their beers are blurrghhh though. Like 90% of those unknown European brands are unknown for a reason!


Well … sometimes it’s just because they have a smaller advertising budget than Anheuser-Busch. There are a whole bunch of breweries springing up these days. Some of them are clueless and some of them are run by talented fanatics, and it’s hard to tell which is which until you open the bottle.


  1. Ottweiler Dunkel would be OK apart from a prominent metallic note, suggesting sloppy brewing techniques. Otherwise, a perfectly standard German dark lager.
  2. Karpackie Premium is one of those beers that would be great with a barbecue on a hot day. “Quaffable” is probably the word. Hard to categorize: I can’t even tell if it’s a lager or an ale. Very light, minimal bittering, seems to have a generous late-boil addition of hops giving it a flowery, more complex flavour than a typical lager. Lacks body (perhaps just not alcoholic enough).


That’s probably about right. But you really can’t beat the price. Two large cans for under 100 NT (I think that’s what it is). Same as Jin Pai, but a nice needed change from that sometimes.


This is true. But it’s a decent buzz for a very reasonable price. I save my quality beer drinking for when I’m in the U.S., where the selection and prices are unbeatable.


I prefer Sapporo and Asahi for that category .


Sapporo’s not bad, but it seems increasingly hard to find these days. Much better than Kirin, which seems to have a lock on the market for some strange reason.


Yes Kirin is rubbish, probably Bar beer repackaged. You can usually get Sapporo in carrefour or many of the supermarkets.
Asahi dry is good locally, best is of course those import bottles from Japan.


A friend just came to visit me from the Netherlands and brought me back this:

If I had to compare to something, closest thing would be Taiwan Beer’s 18 days. Except this is so much more smoother…and specialty imported for yours truly.

I’m a lager kind of guy and this one hits the spot. I like the occasional amber ale, but usually stick to something smooth.


It’s because many are ‘private label’ beers, like some retailers have their own brand.


:scream: milk?