Beer Alert & Directory IV


The name…jeez. I heard holding onto staff is really tough.
These kinds of jobs are mostly done by foreign students or immigrants overseas .


Where we going for beer? Don’t know.



It’s been 2 weeks without a beer post.

About time this thread was bumped!

Got some Ballast Point IPAs at Jason’s a few days ago. Been busy, but waiting for the perfect night to crack a few…


Just to clarify, which night is not perfect to crack a few?


I’m married with a toddler. So unfortunately most nights. :sob:


Not understanding the math there!


he’s a trailblazer as the world’s first male breastfeeder. Can’t drink alcohol before offering his tit.


Hahahahahahaha… not funny. :triumph:


It hits the milk at the same concentration as the blood. So don’t worry; 0.06% isn’t hurting anybaby. Drink/ nurse away Drew