Begpackers around the world

Be sure to repeat the test in places with different demographics. People love the exotic! :flying_saucer:

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The sign is in Vietnamese and says: Please help me I need money for food and a hotel.


I feel she would do well with the “Hugs for money” angle.

Not for me. The smell of weed + patchouli makes me gag.


where can i get your www of smells? i’d like to smell it myself. all i can see from that picture is to stay the heck away from me

I think he is referring to the Cannabis patterns all over her shirt and socks plus the dreadlocks. He could be wrong but I would guess 99% he is right :face_with_monocle: The smell of weed has never bothered me unlike the smell of cigarrettes and cheap Cider.

Beg Pecker… huh hh hhhuuuhhh (in a Beavis and Butthead accent)


You will know when Covid is gone when these folk reappear. I could not stand them, but now they are a symbol of pre~Covid happy times. :grinning:


The original begpacker?

Pro tip: Wear a lanyard and fake badge supporting some organization real or fake


Use the right footwear, not Nike.


Holy holey shoes. Double Pro tip: Also good in wet climate.

Look the part live the part.


Fake it to you make it. To fake being a beggar would be embarassing lol
But if one genuinely needs to beg then there are worse things to worry about than being embarassed. Those people that fake beg should get into door to door sales they would make a killing. Door to door selling takes some big balls.

With this privileged information and a plane ticket I could probably live in Thailand even during a pandemic.

I already got me some holey shoes

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lol. That’s advanced


Thailand has too much competition from begging smack addicts. But at least you can get legal weed there. I reckon Thailand will get flooded with weed tourists as soon as the pandemic dies away or people are done with it.

Now I’m curious.

Social experiment: Hang out Ximending as a foreigner beggar. Document The Experience interfacing with people that donate and random people on the street and the shop owners and the police and the midnight prostitutes and hordes of gay men running around.

Do gay men hit on foreigner beggars that’s a whole other social experiment.

Now I know I’m off on WildTangent but it’s raining and I’m bored

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Like a vice documentary.

This came out of left field … I really like the “hordes” image.

I’m guessing because Ximending was mentioned. And yeah, the number of begpackers in that area was annoying and it’s likely the reason why this gay guy didn’t hang out there much.