Begpackers around the world

Another couple doing a similar thing but different modus operandi (clothing). Hong Kong?


Just saw the other two in ximending. same clothing still even . grosssss. not down for hugging that

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It’s a scam really no different from calling someone on phone and trying to convince him to send money to your bank account.

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They don’t give you a hug in exchange. :smirk:


Who would.want a hug from them …urrghh.

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Allow me to propose a neologism / new marketing concept. Feel free to pass it on to your begpacking friends:




Yes! Tsim sha tsui…by star ferry pier.

In Kowloon.

Hk has many in Kowloon and on Hk island, primarily tourist areas. Some perform music while others sell things plus all sorts of strange behaviours.

When these guys asked me if I’d like to donate I always say sure I’ve been carrying around some dog poop in this plastic bag for about an hour it’s yours.


They can piss off we don’t want them here.


Performing music is hardly a strange behavior could you be a bit more specific ?

Actually I told one of those “Send me money to go home ones” to piss off so to speak. He then offered me money to leave him alone。 No I didn’t take it as it would be extortion. And would demanding protection money off beg packers be worse than actually being a beg packer ? A questions for the philosophers on here.

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Where is he, price of a latte might be worth it .:grin:

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he must be making a packet if he is offering up bribes to keep the spot,
how many lattes can we get out of him?


I was too taken by surprise to know how to answer. He had what looked about 5 to 10 000 in his box. The sign said something like “Kind people of Taiwan please help me on my journey”. He was sitting in the lotus position in a kind of meditation pose. Blonde, young, with pony tail. Taipei Main Station. Yes, I think he was making A LOT of money. I’d normally ignore it but just having a bad morning , and so I kind of was in the wrong too, but anyway just posted because his reply was so unexpected. It would be kind of like extorting drug dealers but way less risk LOL

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A European man with his head shaved dressed up as a monk sitting on top of a very small seat that was suspended by a thin wire connected to a base on the ground.

I took a photo but I don’t have it anymore so I can’t upload it here to show you.

It was an illusion!

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In Hk on a overhead bridge opposite to IFC in central, Hk island.

You cracked me up. Now I got to give that guy some credit the thought of it just makes me laugh:joy:

The man was seated about 5/6 feet above the ground!

I moved closer to look under his monk robe only to find a thin wire.

Let me see if I can find the photo…

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