Begpackers around the world

It was just a few years ago.

So disappointing when this happens :wink:




Sorry guys!
My description was wrong.
Here’s the photo and proof of strange behaviour and illusion.

It was three years ago in Hk.

Simple trick. He’s sitting on a seat hanging from a metal bar going through his sleeve, which is connected to the pole.

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Are you saying he can’t really fly?
I’m disappointed…

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Tsk, tsk. Fly and levitate are not the same thing! :no_no:

That’s only one possibility. Another is magic. Or a miracle.

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Okay, so you ARE saying he can’t fly, right?

Can he fly?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Ask again later

I saw a bloke who dresses as Yoda to do this, I know it was an impostor as he was to tall :wink:

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you were not in the wrong, he had 5 to 10 000 ntd from literally begging at taipei main station?
amongst the real beggers and homeless people who would love some of that money for i don’t know…food ? these begpackers are completely shameless, they are firmly in the wrong imo.

That must get way uncomfortable. What is he sitting on ?

Jail for those thugs.

This looks like Thailand :man_facepalming:

wow. horrible people.

Guess you’re proud of yours!