Begpackers around the world

They’re right about one thing they need some food. :rofl: Do they accept Macdonalds ?

I’m very proud of my thin wire :blush:

i have to say i just noticed one of the beggars has bare feet. after becoming enlightened by his trip to asia he has suddenly abandoned shoes? (or had to sell them)
how is this the behavior of any sane person? you are in the cockroach center of the universe and you decide to go bare foot… thats just wrong.

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That’s so they can tell a story.

“I traveled the world cheap on just a couple dollars a day”

But not tell the part about begging for travel money in countries where much of the population survives on less than a couple dollar a day. And have no clue what a vacation even means in an entire lifetime.


Glad to see they’re cracking down on this.

I don’t know about the other embassies but the US Embassy is not going to be funding these people’s flight home with US taxpayer dollars.

The US Embassy is not mommie. And just like if an American was on the other side of the country in the US, the US government’s not going to pay to fly them back home.
U.s. Embassy will give a list of lawyers and maybe charitable organizations that will help and help contact family members but not give out money to fly someone home from vacation. Of course there are exceptions.

If there was a war or a national disaster then maybe help out. But not just because someone ran out of money abroad.

well that quickly turned into some white people hating rant.

japanese beg packers say hi

Wow this is a thing? How shameful.

The government definitely will not fund their flights (as they shouldn’t). I would assume that most of them have already bought a return ticket for some distant date, or they have set aside money to buy one.

I’ve seen a couple of these people around Taipei over the last couple years. It actually make me angry. They make foreigners who choose to become contributing members of society look bad. It’s the only time I haven’t wanted to help a person in “need” on the street.


They need some juice ,protein powder and a bargain bucket KFC, my 12 year old niece looks stronger than them.
They look worse than British POWs from WW2

I have never followed or understood this kind of logic. I’d be standing next to them, taking pictures, looking GOOD. This whole “Beg packing” thing is a scam. Just like the guy in SF years ago panhandling for dollars, cuz he only had a $100 bill. :grandpa:

the logic is that the locals paint basically all foreigners with the same brush.

so we can behave as much as we like but at the end of the day a lot will put us in the same boat as this guy.

no need to worry about the begpackers here, not enough backpackers passing through taiwan to create a bad image.

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I just saw some new Napoli chicken on the news that looked damn tasty.


They piss me off so much especially when there is someone obviously in need asking for money on the same street.

Like. "oh you have some change to spare and there’s a homeless lady with an infected foot asking for spare coins? nah forget that. look at me! "

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I agree, begging when not in need is stealing from the most needy in society. It is a despicable thing to do when you are taking money away from really needy people.



The pizza chain… Napoli’s

The report further pointed out that these backpacks are a product of the social class, and only some backpackers with high living standards and “white privilege” are likely to do so.

they are a product of asian peoples social class actually. they view these guys in a high status for whatever reason, when in my opinion they are near the bottom.

they are taking money away from actual homeless peoples pockets because they didn’t want to be responsible enough to pay for their whole trip. it doesn’t get much lower than that, but taiwanese people think they are cute or something.