Being used for sex

Picked up/got picked up by this sexy lady. She thinks I’m good for sex. She certainly knows what she likes. I can’t figure if my hearts in it, but one becomes attached, somehow dependent. Like we get on really quite well in bed - best I’ve ever had. Sex is important to me. We screw all night and sometimes she cries. She isn’t very open with me about her life. She is older than I. Did I mention she’d hot?


You have sex and she cries?
Good lord.
Prospects of running into a brick wall at speed are not to be dismissed.
Have fun. Don’t get attached.

It sounds like a wonderful basis for a relationship. You should get married.

Why not? Physicality is very important. It crosses language barriers.

If our physicality were perfect I’d have good reason to counter your cynicism, but I don’t.

Wives are those people you marry who dont satisfy you, or themselves sexually; they are the one you build your sex life around

emphasis on ‘around’…

At least you’re getting used for something. Most people go thru life being used…

What does sex have to do with marriage?

Does she wash your laundry?

Being used for sex

Will make a great t-shirt.

Anymore of these women around?

TTIWWPs… :howyoudoin:


what kind of sex are we talking about? thumbscrews? whips and chains? Why the crying?


the bears emotional weather forecast for you; i see storms on the horizon with the chance of some heavy precipitation…if she cries after sex at the moment sooner or later this will manifest itself in a more disturbing way. be prepared, have an exit strategy…but hell at least you is getting some :sunglasses:

sos, pics are all in my memory, which lacks a usb, though evidently has a kind of firewire…

yeah - effection, misplacedm is just sloppy isn’t it?

And who likes sloppy?

better that than for target practice…

Hmm. If you have a big empty hole (no punn intended) and you spend a couple months throwing nothing into (no punn intended) over and over again, what do you get? A hole full of resentment and anger, I’d say. At least a deeper hole (not intended) and a man who feels like less of one than he used to be. That’d be my guess anyway.

what kind of sex are we talking about? thumbscrews? whips and chains? Why the crying?[/quote]

good question.

Standing over the armchair.

Her idea.


Hey - if you get tired give me a holler. Seems she needs some real therapy. I’m up for that. :lick: