Ben Stiller Fandom thread

914, your avatars remind me more and more of Ben Stiller’s “many faces” in Zoolander. :laughing:

Thanks, Sandman. I love Ben Stiller.

I quite like this “Blue Steel” look too.

Ben Stiller should star in every movie

[quote=“Tetsuo”]Ben Stiller should star in every movie[/quote]I thought he was, he was in seven films this year.

Ben Stiller is the coolest dude.

I like Ben Stiller , but when he and Owen Wilson are together, he’s even better. Zoolander is still one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. :laughing: :notworthy:

I so wanted to become a male model after watching Zoolander.

Who’s Ben Stiller? :s

One of the Fockers :laughing:

That’s right. That was a pretty funny movie. I like the cat milking discussion. :laughing:

I also liked Along Came Polly. Silly movie, but a lot more fun than some car crash blowing up buildings action garbage.

What I was going to say. Zoolander is pure genius.


not many people remember, but he was in Happy Gilmore as the evil rest home nurse

He was also in Seinfeld as the evil Spa owner.

He is the son of Jerry Stiller (George’s Dad on Seinfeld and also in Zoolander) and Anne Meara (Miranda’s Mother-in-law on Sex and the City).

He used to have his own TV show on FOX that was pretty funny.

Zoolander is quite possibly the worst movie ever made. I have it on VCD though. God what crap.

WHAT??? :astonished: To each his own I guess…

Ben Stillers best movie is “The Cable Guy” sure he had only a small role in it, but he directed it. Pure Genious!!!

You don’t like the movie, but have it.

I like the movie, but don’t have it.

I’ll be at Alleycat’s tomorrow night, should you care to rectify this situation.


My fave scene in Zoolander is the gas station slow motion squirting each other with gasoline by the male models. Totally making fun of female models having a lingerie water fight. LOVE IT!

Yes, I know for a fact women DO have water fights in white t-shirts and dazzy dukes. :slight_smile:

Dazzy dukes?