Best "all you can eat" BBQ in Taipei?

What’s the best all you can eat bbq place in Taipei? Japanese or Korean…

don’t leave out the Mongolians

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Which one, which one?

I think the last one in Taipei is Genghis Khan on Nanjing E Rd near the China Airlines building.

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Do you know a good Mongolian BBQ place?

Yeah, the last and only one.

How the :speaking_head: did they all disappear like that???

I read a blog article or something about it recently.

Weird how the town was just scoured of them like that.

that’s the one i had for the first time like in '93.
loved the chefs how they cooked what was in your bowl on a flat circular grill, using ~ 2-foot long wooden chopsticks

The FDA has been stepping up their game in recent years (not sarcasm).

People have been realising getting the shits iant actually as healthy as they once thought (slightly sarcastic, many still think its normal)

And costs have gone way up, especially rent, while the customer pays nearly the same as a decade ago.

Out of business. Unless its a front, then enjoy your endless flavoured dog food :slight_smile:


The Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ is now on Nanjing East RD opposite Linsen Park, between Linsen and Xingsheng North Rd. There is also a Mongolian BBQ as part of the buffet at a hotel near the New Taipei Industrial Park (name escapes me but you don’t need to know as the place is abysmal).

All you can eat usually means LCD food anyway, and is usually best avoided.

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You can easily make your own by buying a few kgs of meat at Costco and smoking up the hood.


I find all you can eat anything to be disgusting. It’s obscenely greedy and it’s inevitably low quality. Reminds me of Roman vomitoria, although that shows my ignorance because I just googled them and learned that they weren’t what I thought they were. The main point remains, though.

Just an opinion, of course.


I prefer a good BBQ combo, which normally is already a lot and better quality.

What is LCD food?

Yes I Googled, but the closest I found was " Low-carbohydrate diet, a food regimen"

lowest common denominator



lower quality bbq usually means thin strips of hot pot meat. which is fun for the first few times but yea nowadays i prefer better quality bbq places. i think its fine for hot pot though, the thin slices of meat work there. and some are just super fun restaurants. the mala huo guo chain has haagen daz and a beer tap, whats not to love.

Yeah well… Thanks for your input everyone although not even one answer to my question. I’m happy you guys at least had a chance to talk about disappearing Mongolian bbq’s and meat quality. Also If I wanted to make my own bbq I wouldn’t be asking about Japanese places… I usually find forumosa useful. Maybe next time.

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All you can eat bbq was a big thing in the past. The trend now seems to be for quality product, like 乾杯

But I can vouch for a place in Xinzhuang that is all you can eat and very good. Sorry I don’t have the name or address at the moment but I’ve been there several times recently. It’s across from a Family Mart, next to a clothes shop