Best and worst comedians


Richard Pryor: Live in Concert and Eddie Murphy: Delirious are both on Netflix right now.


Always found Pryor funny, but Murphy is an acquired taste that I never really acquired.

Not easy to think about Pryor the same way since the Quincy Jones interview a while back, though. Marvin Gaye, too. I mean, Marlon Brando corn holing these two?! Image be gone!!


Ummm what? I guess I have some Googling to do but I don’t want to


You can’t unsee it in your mind, man. I think you are wise.


Yeah that’s not a good image. It’s already burning itself in and I didn’t even look


I’ve always liked Raw but don’t like Delirious that much. Plus even some of the jokes in Raw haven’t aged well.

Also, why are you guys spending so much energy imagining interracial gay sex? :worried: Do… do you want to hear a story about David Bowie and Mick Jagger?


Classic case of ignorance is bliss! I don’t know and don’t want to! :runaway:



  1. James Corden
  2. James Corden
  3. James Corden

Have I mentioned James Corden? Fuck James Corden.


What do people not like about him? It’s not the first time I’ve heard this. I’ve never really watched him, except for a few Carpool Karaoke and Rap Battle bits (and he did a voice in Peter Rabbit). Really nothing against him but not a huge fan or anything.

I genuinely don’t like Jim Fallon because of his insistence to inject himself into every single sketch despite not really being charismatic or funny. I’m surprised people watch him. My dislike goes back to SNL so I guess I was surprised they gave him a show in the first place.


Can’t stand Larry the Cable Guy, Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Adam Sandler, Tim Allen or Amy Schumer.


Everything I’ve seen from him is unbelievably unfunny and phony. He’s got a ton of celebrity friends though, that’s practically how he stays in business.


Agreed. He never even got a slight giggle out of me.


I forgot about him. He’s terribly unfunny too.


That Taxi remake (what a lame idea) with him and Queen Latifah has got to be one of the worst movies ever made.


Oh my god that was him :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I never realised that holy shit. Yeah that movie is TRASH.


For current day, Allie Wongs stand up on Netflix is pretty funny.


That was pretty hilarious. I was crying with the Polish lady


I caught a couple of newish stand up specials.

Steve Martin and Martin Short do a 2 men show. It’s amusing but not really ground breaking. If you like either of them it’s worth checking out.

Tig Notaro “Happy to Be Here” is up on Netflix. She’s not to everyone’s tastes, but I love her. It’s hard to explain why; you either get it or you don’t. To give you a general idea of what to expect, this is one of my favorite Tig Notaro bits…

She got famous after doing what some people call an epic stand up special where she announces she has breast cancer (right after her mum died). Kind of like Patton Oswalt’s Annihilation, it’s the gut wrenching anguish that makes the jokes hit even harder.

This new one isn’t like that, but I still like her style. A lot of people don’t have patience for it, I imagine.

I also watched a guy named Hari Kondabolu who was quite funny. Not amazing but worth checking out.


I’ll be seeing him in June. I can relate to his dark streak. He’s kind of a :poop:


Margaret Cho live in Taipei was pretty hilarious. I was in tears!