Best and worst comedians


Can’t stand Larry the Cable Guy, Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Adam Sandler, Tim Allen or Amy Schumer.


Everything I’ve seen from him is unbelievably unfunny and phony. He’s got a ton of celebrity friends though, that’s practically how he stays in business.


Agreed. He never even got a slight giggle out of me.


I forgot about him. He’s terribly unfunny too.


That Taxi remake (what a lame idea) with him and Queen Latifah has got to be one of the worst movies ever made.


Oh my god that was him :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I never realised that holy shit. Yeah that movie is TRASH.


For current day, Allie Wongs stand up on Netflix is pretty funny.


That was pretty hilarious. I was crying with the Polish lady


I caught a couple of newish stand up specials.

Steve Martin and Martin Short do a 2 men show. It’s amusing but not really ground breaking. If you like either of them it’s worth checking out.

Tig Notaro “Happy to Be Here” is up on Netflix. She’s not to everyone’s tastes, but I love her. It’s hard to explain why; you either get it or you don’t. To give you a general idea of what to expect, this is one of my favorite Tig Notaro bits…

She got famous after doing what some people call an epic stand up special where she announces she has breast cancer (right after her mum died). Kind of like Patton Oswalt’s Annihilation, it’s the gut wrenching anguish that makes the jokes hit even harder.

This new one isn’t like that, but I still like her style. A lot of people don’t have patience for it, I imagine.

I also watched a guy named Hari Kondabolu who was quite funny. Not amazing but worth checking out.


I’ll be seeing him in June. I can relate to his dark streak. He’s kind of a :poop:


Margaret Cho live in Taipei was pretty hilarious. I was in tears!


The best unintentional? comedy I’ve seen. Jesse Lee Peterson-TheFallenState interviews.


Worst local comedian, hands down:

Guy snitches on venues that host open mic nights. The only funny thing he ever did was getting deported when he applied for an APRC.

NIA: There seem to be some gaps in your financial history.

KP: Ya, I worked under the table. Is that okay?

NIA: (stamping passport) You have 7 days to leave the country.

KP: But I have no money to buy a plane ticket.

NIA: (re-stamping passport) You have 3 days to leave the country.

Now that was funny.

Can’t stand Russell Peters either. Just a bunch of stereotyping mimicry. Borders on racist.

Amy Schumer bores me.

Never was much into Chapelle, but those NF specials showed me what a genius he really is.

Always thought Louis CK was a genius, but fuck that guy.

Glad to see someone else mention Frye and Laurie…check out Frye’s Absolute Power…brilliant. He’s kinda lost the plot a little appearing on some lame US sitcom, but I can forgive him being a bit mercenary.

Freshest new talents: Michael Che and James Acaster.

I’ve been loving Michelle Wolf for a few years now as a comic actress in late show skits (LLSw/SM maybe?) but she vaulted to the #2 position overall with that Correspondance Dinner bit.

#1 overall for now and forever: Steven Colbert…America’s greatest gift to the world.


She has a new show on Netflix that isn’t bad. I find her voice annoying but became numb to it eventually - and the jokes are definitely there. She was previously on both Seth Myers’ show and the Daily Show.


ya, that voice…yet, she seems to make it less cacophonic in some of her skit work on the new nf series. tell ya what…sam bee’s cocksure valleygirl routine wore me out immediately. i’ll suffer michelle’s screech owl for the sake of her comedy.



my favorite comedians are zafri khan, Amanullah and nasir chinioti


I don’t get his shtick either. I figure I’ve lived it too much


I suppose I still like the older comedy :blush:



Classic line after the one legged Elvis impersonator finished . They asked if he did anything else. Reply …“Blue Suede Shoe” :grinning: