Best burger in Taichung?

Hi guys
In your opinion, where can the best burger in Taichung be found?

Thanks guys

It is in…couldn’t be arsed, do a search and write more than one sentence.

Why write more than one sentence???

5,000 subscribers, 27 views in 3 hours and no answer to your original question. I’d say the reason’s staring you in the face. :laughing:

[quote=“prevlin”]Hi guys
In your opinion, where can the best burger in Taichung be found?

Thanks guys[/quote]

I know a place. It’s near the Subway that is near Zhongguo Yaoxueyuan. Good hunting…

:+) Such a good question – I’m not going to give the answer to a perfect stranger!

“Best” seem subjective.

This place (Burger Joint) is pretty good: … A%E6%88%BF

Thanks Adam, I’ll definitely give it a try soon. Thanks man.

Ok, I got an answer. Like seriously!

Ever heard of Chimika Burger? It’s a hole in a wall, by GuoGuang Rd., just opposite NCHU. You wouldn’t guess by the outside, they have best ever burger. They just put some umbrellas out, and menu on the wall. Many types of burgers, I suggest the German style cheeseburger, but anything is awesome too. Quite cheap.

here’s some photo and review: … %ADCHIMIKA

Only problem: the guy doesn’t open on Sundays, and often on very rainy days.

Forgot to say, they don’t really have drinks, but don’t mind if you buy then else and bring it.

I am no friend of the owner, I just truly enjoy their burgers, and want other to try, because I regret I didn’t know this place before, even I studied in NCHU for 3 years!!


I know the best burger in Taiwan. It’s the infamous welfare burger. It’s made by me, cooked on my bbq and served on my patio table with a few cold ones. Can’t be beat!

I believe someone has posted a link to where this place is already. In my opinion the best burger joint in Taichung is Burger Joint. I had the pleasure of eating there a little while ago and I was very impressed. Spoke to one of the employees about how they make the patties and whether or not they buy them or make them on site. It turns out they mince/grind their own meat and shape their patties daily. When I spoke to them they used a combination of Aussie and American beef. This of course may have changed due to the import restrictions on US beef. The burgers there are great! I’d would give them the Best Burger in Taichung award if there was one to give.

I had a nasty burger at that place a few months ago, would never go back. Hard chewy tasteless, they didn’t have a clue how to cook a burger and don’t seem to taste what they are cooking.

Thanks guys, I plan on hitting one of these spots today, possibly this Chiminka place.

Let us know later how you like it! I want to know if it’s only me or their burgers are really juicy burger heaven ~

Ah,so I ended up going to Chillis at Tiger city. As far as the burger went, I had a medium well bacon burger. It was pretty good with regards to taste and portion size, in fact I did not finish mine. I cannot say anything bad about the burger but for some reason it just did not hit the spot for me…the search continues…

hmmm Chili’s is quite expensive for my standards :stuck_out_tongue: Chimika, huge double patty burger is around 150 NT at max~ they have also crazy 4 patties burgers and all… never dared to try it though :smiley:

I’ve searched and searched, too. There are a few okay places, like Early Bird Diner, Swensen’s, Bystro, Burger Joint, Say Cheese, etc., but the best burger is waiting for you at Finga’s. I haven’t tried that Chiminka place, but that’ll be next on my list.

The Early Bird food is naff too and the service very very poor. They don’t seem to care about being told that either. I was told if I didn’t like it I could go across the road. Then the boss went back to drinking his beer. Thanks boss for doing me a favour!

There’s a place called Feed me and that wasn’t great either.

Finga’s burgers and sandwiches are always good. Chillis as mentioned do a good juicy burger but it is greasy.

No doubt, Chillis is SUPER expensive. I doubt I will go back. Fingas may be my next stop. I have also heard good things about Bystro. So many places to try…I can’t wait :P.

i <3 you, headhonchoII.