Best New York Style Pizza in Taipei

I’ve tried about 6 pizza places here and they haven’t been very good. Usually very thin, short on traditional toppings, and soggy. So where do you go for very good New York style pizza? My preference is for New Haven style pizza, but I recognize that is unlikely out here.

Which 6 have you tried?

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Have you tried J’s?

I’ve been on UberEats and can’t always read the names when they are only in Chinese. I have tried OGCI, MaryJane Pizza, Campus Cafe, and NY Bagel.

He’s got an outpost down in Gongguan right? I hear good things

Big Boyz is good

I think that closed a while back.

Ya, but…you tried Montreal-style and didn’t get it…so…


I gave up on trying pizza places after being disappointed. I’ve realized that I’ve lost my taste for pizza since. One less unhealthy food in my system…

Is J’s the same as The Shack?


Probably I didn’t go to the right place. I have been hearing about a slice place in Gongguan though

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But The Poutinerrie is often referred to as The Shack as well. Speaking of which, there is a dude right next to The Poutinerrie that flips pies as well. Shirtless, butt ever-present betwixt his lips…can’t miss him.

Never tried it myself, but it looked to have a dry, NY-style crust. Must be that soupcon of ash?

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Pizza Mia near Neihu Station is good. They have thin crust, fresh ingredients.
Theres nothing close to a NY Slice in Taiwan

Hmm…I’m not so interested in a dry or thin crust. Ideally, the crust should be thicker than Neapolitan pizza, crispy on the outside, and gooey on the inside. Slice-folding ability is a must.

How’s this look?

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It looks pretty darn good to me. I’d like to see the pizza cooked at a higher temperature for a shorter time to get the bottom a little darker and so that the dough wasn’t fully baked throughout, but now I’m getting picky :D.

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That’s Big Boyz. They’ll cook it longer if you ask. It’s hard to get the crust this well done here, that’s just right for me

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Been to Big Boyz at @ranlee’s recommendation, and happy to recommend myself also.

Big Boyz is 100% @tempogain 's recommendation. All credit to him!

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There were a couple of New York slice places opened up in the Great Pizza Boom of 2009, they didn’t last too long.
Most people found the (authentic, apparently) sauce too sweet.
As well, the turnover wasn’t enough to support the pre-made slice model, their pies were always drying out and getting all leathery.

Most regular bakery pizzas in Taiwan are Japanese-style pizzas that are soft and often smothered with mayonnaise. Taiwanese love them, but I thoroughly despise them.

Pizza Hut has authentic American-style pizza that actually tastes right to American palates. My favorite by far.

Some Italian restaurants in Taipei have good pizzas too.