Best New York Style Pizza in Taipei

This looks interesting

No need to add " in Taipei" :slight_smile:

If you even have a choice of pizza styles it’s gotta be Taipei.

Lost me at “the rock”…

lol. Well, you have to make do sometimes.

Huge fan of Big Boyz, tried their Chicago Deep Dish pizza last month, was great!

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I made it over to Paulie’s today, I would say Big Boyz has a contender, though when considering price the Boyz are still in front. Paulie’s has a big Baker’s Pride oven, nice thin crust. I was hearing about the Shack from a serious pizza aficionado the other day, hope to make it over there some time.

I would have to say Uncle Pete’s down in Taidong isn’t too bad!

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ETA: Oh, this is a big chain. Looks like that Gordon Hoositskopf and their fake microbrew bullshit.


Folds fine. Baker’s Pride oven. Thin crust


Yeah, but not really “styles.” We’ve got Pete’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, an unsatisfying place in Shan Yuan, a couple places in Dulan, and that’s about it.

Yesterday I made my first foray to Pizza Has a Face (on Yanping North Road Section 2 in Taipei City’s Datong District)—it was really good!

Does this place qualify as “New York Style”? They claim it to be the case.



Yo, that look good. Where you get this at? Good old pepperoni pizza is all I need. Hollar back.

This ain’t bad either man.

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Big Boyz! Still good

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Oh daddy like…I like em’ THICC & THOTTY!

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I might still go there if it was in NY, but I’d think of it as “the place with the thick crust”

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Any recommendations for the best NY or general American style pizza in Taipei in 2022?

The Slice Shop, but get there early.

Da hel!? I got to try it

That’s right across the street from Zoca pizza, which isn’t New York style pizza and not one of my favorites.

The Slice Shop (closed todays and Mondays)

This one is good but it’s a sourdough crust which is not the standard base for any of kind of American pizza.