Best non contract cell phone plans - mainly for data

Hi. I realise this topic has been breached before - not trying to troll here! But was wondering if anyone has up-to-date info on the best non contract options for cell/mobile phone contracts. Wanting to use my phone as a hotspot for my computer. Will need to be uploading some high-res photos and short videos.

Many thanks!

How can a contract be a non-contract option?

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I’m not up on current phone pricing, but out of all the carriers, only Chunghua let me set up cell service with no contracts. The others insisted on a contract. They allow locals to get a one year contract but insisted on two years for foreigners. When I asked for no contract, I was shooed from the store.

You can try but I think Chunghua is your only choice if you want month to month service

Thanks Dan, any idea on amount of data per month and costs?

Hah - my bad. Got sidetracked has no contract, pay per month. Unlimited is like 550 or something like that, no throttling or restrictions on hotspot. Used like 400gb last month and same speeds.

You can register online and they send the sim card to you. No need to deal with a lot of BS of going in to stores to find best “package”.

Biggest issue is to download their app on Android, you have to create a google account based in taiwan, and then then app will show in Google play.

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GT4G/APT also has no contracts for unlimited 4G for $399

If they ask for a guarantor. Just threaten to call the NCC.


I bought a 90-day prepaid when I arrived in Taiwan in April. It runs out on the 13th of this month but I haven’t heard a peep from them. Kinda odd. Anyways, it’s T-Star and the coverage doesn’t seem great – I’ve heard Chunghua has the best.


Thanks Bluew, is there any English on their site? Had a look, couldn’t see one. Am I missing anything? Many thanks for your time

Telcos’ English sites here suck. In store is best.

Every website in Taiwan sucks as far as English in concerned. Don’t bother.

The app has English, website doesn’t.

This is unlimited plan link 永不綁約 | 無框行動

You can maybe use Google translate. Here is a few steps that may help.

You can try putting that cow promo for discount.

Click right option if wanting new number, left us wanting to keep same number.

You’ll have to upload arc and then can choose second document like passport (passport is last selection in list).

Then choose which 7-11 or home to send it to.

Then add where you live.

On the next screen you review and pay. Note there is a one time 200ntd fee for shipping and activation.

If setting up auto payment with cc (international also ok), you get discount (I think.I forget if it’s this or other account I’m thinking of).


MANY thanks

FET. Just get the sim card.
7-11 ibon $890 for 30 days, 120 g, 4g+ (lte)

it’s the least hassle free for me. I’m streaming movies, hockey games, plus playing online games

Once you burn through 120g, it throttles to 5mps. So you can’t really download movies anymore, but everything else (streaming, etc) is fine.

It took me overnight to dl GTA V off steam. It’s still not as good as a landline.

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Nice, apparently uses the Chunghua network. Google translate works well for the website (at least in Firefox with a plugin). $466NT for unlimited and they’ll give you a rebate if you use less than 18gb. That’s insane.

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Some reviews on the Play Store complain of internet issues, but overall rating is really good, so I plan to try it out. The price of Chunghwa directly is like 2x as much.

Here’s another thread: Circles.Life Taiwan - #9 by

The problem is you need to use the app to activate the sim card, and the app is region-locked to TW google accounts. I don’t want to change my google account from US to TW cause you can’t change back for a long time.

I think you can side-load the APK

I use the same FET plan. Have done in TW for around 4 years.

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I haven’t had any major internet issues in my 6 months, personally. Even go hiking with reception in many places.

Also much better reception than the tstar or whatever at airport.

You do need the app to activate it. As I said, I created another Google account with the location as Taiwan market as default. You can use your current Taiwan number to do that. You can then easily switch between accounts and download from google play with Taiwan account.

I wanna say I didn’t have much luck side loading, as most were the Singapore version. But if the version you posted works, that could save time and a bit of frustration.

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Hey Fair comment. What’s the plan/pricing for FET? I used them a few years ago and had no problems. Thanks

I pay 899 per month. I think it is 125GB. You just go to 711 and get a ticket from the little machine.

I honestly don’t know if it is the best plan around. I just find it works, is convenient, plenty of data for me.

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