Best phone for photos


How do you like your Samsung A71?

Can you compare it to any other Samsungs owned?

For the price, I was surprised it performs like a flagship. No kidding. I got the non-5G variant so it was just 15,900 NTD. The only downside is that it has no waterproofing whatsoever.

I had a Samsung S7 Edge before, but I think the A71’s camera is still way better, less saturated colors.

I’ll PM you a link to my Instagram. You can see for yourself.

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Frustrated. Samsung A71 will get/has the newest Android 11 OS, but my flagship Samsung S9+ bought on release day 1 will never get Android 11.

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I also have the S9+.
Best phone I had so far!

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You should probably upgrade hehe. I think it’s worth it. If I had the budget then I would’ve gotten the S20. The A line, for mid-range, is surprisingly good. Flagship specs except for screen resolution and waterproofing.

The only other phone that I would consider for photography reasons is the iPhone 12 Pro.

this has nothing to do with solar eclipse… maybe discussion on camera should get a new thread?

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Could we split it off it’s an interesting topic…Best phones for photos.

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I like your suggestion!

Marques Brownlee did an interesting experiment on that:

It’s surprising to see that big names went out right at the beginning!

Huawei is also good, so is Oppo. But security reasons wouldn’t make me buy China-made phones even if they are good for photography.

Besides, you can always edit on Snapseed or Lightroom (both on Android) if you’re keen on mobile photography.

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I’m thinking of getting an S20 plus today,any feedback for me ?

I’m not usually an iPhone guy. I’ll be signing a contract.

I think photos will speak for itself, instead of me LOL. Here are some photos I took with my Samsung A71, unedited.

I assume the flagships would be better (S20 and up). Autfocus is pretty fast, even on lowlight/nighttime photography. If you have other specific questions, I’ll try to answer. Btw, I’m not from Samsung. Haha.


This one’s pretty cool. I tapped onscreen, where the pedestrians are, and managed to lock focus. When I took the shot, I got a bit of panning while keeping the guys sharp. This is unedited and was shot on auto.

And of course, Taipei 101


Need good cameras to track and trace an oppressed population.


I’ve been very happy with my Note 9.

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I have a Samsung 8 plus. It’s been a solid workhorse .

Things like being better at taking family selfies, wide view photos, zooming in , night photos I will value those specs in a new phone.

Hows the battery life on these new gen phones ?

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So that’s why they have great front cameras too!

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Battery is okay, but I need to charge daily or even twice daily. It’s got 4500 mAh and I get 10 hours on a full charge with heavy use–taking photos, browsing apps, playing mobile games, and screencasting to my TV. But on standby, the battery lasts quite long.

My S7 Edge’s 3050 mAh lasted me a full day on a full charge. It has a smaller screen. I used to charge every other day with that phone.

Since flagship models have top-of-the line chipsets, that probably makes them more battery efficient.

Wide-angle camera is great on my A71. There’s a bit of distortion but nothing like fish-eye quality. I love using it on landscapes, architectures, and group selfies (yeah, there’s also wide angle on the front camera).

I like the feature where you can raise your hand to wave at the front camera to trigger the shutter. Prevents unwanted camera shake, especially in cold weather.

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Get Pixel 4A 5G if you care mostly about still photos - it’s the best camera you’re gonna get at 15000 NTD. It can also compete with any flagship.

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I’m into all aspects of the phone, I need a big screen 6.5 plus , 5G, memory 128 min, great stereo , great pics, good battery, waterproof a plus. But I would like to get better pics for product close-ups , insects, and also for selfish and wife angles etc.
I don’t need to buy the best phone available either but a good one. Thanks for all recs.