Best photo spot for Taipei 101

What’s the best location from which to photograph Taipei 101?
It would be nice to have some interesting traditional foreground such as temples to provide a contrast with Taipei’s finest new erection. A “Google images” search didn’t come up with anything I’m after. Has anyone chanced upon a great view of Taipei 101 and care to share it?

I have taken a nice picture of Taipei 101 from Xin Yi Rd, near An He while it was raining at night. It is framed by the zigzagging building cover on one side, palm trees on the other and the dark blue sky behind it as a background. I will post it soon. I like to take pictures of Taipei 101 in the rain and at night. I’d like to get on where the Shinkong Mitsukoshi building is in the foreground out of focus and Taipei 101 is the focal point to show how the former was the tallest building in Taipei, but is now dwarfed by the latter, but I don’t know where I could be positioned to get such a shot. I hope nobody steals my idea for such a picture. :frowning:

I am sure you could get some shots from up in Muzha, around the zoo, or higher up there in Maokong. 101 rises quite impressively over a ridge, and you could probably frame a shot with greenery, a little temple, and the skyscraper rising above that.


Thanks ImaniOU and Bu Lai En,
I think the hills behind Mucha sound like the best place for what I’m looking for, and I will scout them out when this bloody rain stops.

Here’s one i shot from atop Far Eastern Hotel last year after a typhoon. Of course you need to shoot through the glass, but it’s a great view nonetheless.

Great shot Alien. Nothing like a typhoon to clean the place up and allow those vibrant colours to come out from behind the greyness.
Maybe I should be grateful for all this non-stop fungus-inducing rain!

You can get some great views of Taipei 101 from hills closer to town than Mucha, like the ones above the Hsinhai Tunnel, or an even better angle from a network of concrete footpaths and steps behind Hsinyi Road sort of in the Sungshan or Nankang area. The farther you go up of course the better the view and I think those hills go up 2 or 3 hundred meters.

Post those pictures folks!

You’re talking about SiShou Shan (4 animal mountain, dodgy pinyin)? Those are the nearest hills to 101 and I agree - you get some impressive views. For most of those hills, you can lose sight of all of Taipei’s buildings, and then you suddenly see 101 rising above the greenery … you probably have to be a better photographer than me to capture it though :slight_smile:

Locations I’ve taken 101 pictures from:

  • rooftop of my house opposite of the Water Park
  • balcony of my office building, straight down Hsinyi Rd
  • sitting in a teahouse in Maokong.

If you want to see the pics, message me for the clubphoto login.


Nice pic Iris, although I’d have to say the best so far is Alien’s “Big Green”. :slight_smile:

[quote=“iris”]from my office building:


All I see is a big honking ad for

Yeah I believe that is the name or else in the nearby area. You have to go up to the ridge to get the clear city views. So, it is a hike. But the views are great. I normally go there via Nankang because that’s easier for myself. If you go past Academic Sinica about 1 or 2K the road kind of dead ends in a huge parking area at a school called China Institute of Technology (there is a bus that ends here but I don’t know the number, sorry). Just go in the school and there is a trail that takes you up and on your way. If you get on the ridge you will come across a number of lookout areas. And you can head back down the other side towards Wuhsing Street or Hsinyi Road. I wish I could explain it from Wushing Street. Anyway, bring some water in case you get lost :slight_smile:

The view of taipei 101 from Zhinan temple is great. Lush hills, palm trees, and parts of Mucha below looking like a quaint village. Also, you could probably arrange the shot so that you even get some of the temple in the foreground. I can’t remember as my 101 shots from there are on my computer in Taipei, but I think you should also be able to get one of the tomb covered mountainsides that look like a Greek village in the picture.

Or this. Head up to Zhangshan Temple behind Jenda University. The temple has an excellent lookout over the city and you could arrange the shot so the ghost money furnace is in the foreground.

To get to the temple drive down Mushing Rd section two heading toward the Mucha MRT. At the 7-11 on the right about 2km from the Baoan bridge that seperates Mucha from Xindian (a river flows beneath the bridge) turn right and cross the bridge. On the other side on the left you’ll see the back entrance to Jenda. You have to walk from here. Head up and at the Chiang Kai Shek on a horse statue turn right (you may be able to get a shot of 101 and the statue together though I can’t really remember). Anyway, follow the road up. At the top of the hill take the stairs to the right up till you reach the temple. The whole walk takes about 40 minutes. Return the same way down the temple stairs. However, instead of turning left to return to the back gate, go right and head down (you’ll eventualy reach the front gate of Jenda).

As you head down you’ll see Zhinan temple straight ahead and 101 to the left. It may be possible to get 101 and the temple in the same shot with a wide angle. You may also be able to get the incinerator tower (with the Giraffe on it) in the picture. :laughing:

This stretch of road is also perfect if you want to get a good dreamy shot of 101 in February or March. Around 4pm there are times where 101 floats in the sky, thick mist and cloud covering its base. For some reason this short stretch of road is very enchanting, very dark and moody spot and should not be missed if you like mist.

I’m no photographer, but the view from Elephant Mountain did strike me as very good. If you want a traditional-ish temple as foreground, I remember there being one just over the peak, though I can’t swear it’s aligned right.

Once from Xindian I saw the 101 jutting out through a nicely-colored cloud. That would have made a good pic.

Okay, I think I deleted the really good shot of Taipei 101 from my computer already, but here’s one of the ones I was talking about…

Here are some more…

I took this one toward the beginning of the year:

Here’s one taken from right under 101 on a night when the top was enveloped in the clouds:

And my favorite 101 shot, on the sidewalk outside the shoping mall:

All shot on my huge, clunky 3-1/2-year-old digital camera.

What a gorgeous day it was today! I finally got up to Zhinan Temple in Muzha. There are some really nice views of 101 from behind the temple. Unfortunately, the lighting of late afternoon wasn’t quite right. Neither could I line up any of the temple buildings to get in the shot.

When I have some more free time I’ll try the hills closer to 101.

Here’s one of my Taipei 101 photos. I think the time of day matters more than the location the photo is shot from. It seems easier to get a good picture when the sun is going down. I may post more of my 101 pictures on this thread soon.

I wanted to get scooters in the picture so it didn’t look like another tall building that could be anywhere.

I took these the other week, minutes apart:

I have one like Almas John wanted contrasting the modern Taipei building and the old way of life. It showed a farmer using a hoe to move leaves off his field with the buiding in the background. The fields are on Xin Yi road, nearly opposite Taipei 101 - a wierd place for agriculture.

I deleted the picture by mistake though.

This one is pretty grainy and the day is very grey but it’s a great location and someone with a good lense could really geta good shot now that the sky is clear.