Best Pizza in Taipei

Best pizza in Taipei

  • Alleycat’s
  • Cosi o Cosi
  • Forchetta
  • Mary Jane
  • Scoozi
  • Osteria Rialto
  • Other

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Any recommendations for a place where you can get real italian pizza instead of that thing they call pizza like you get it at Pizza Hut and Domino’s?

Went to Saporo (near New Sogo) and Tony Roma’s (near Intercontinental) just to figure they don’t server any!


I’ve been having lunch once a week or so at a place called Ju Li Yue Pizza on Minchwen b[/b] East Road, Sec. 2. Just down from the McDonalds. The crust is thin, and the flavor delicious. I think they even use organic vegetables on all or some of the pizzas. I’ve never had a bad pizza there yet and I don’t expect to.

I would suggest Bellini’s Restaurant on Fu Hsing b[/b] North Road. Off the MRT, Chung Shan b[/b] Middle School station, on the MuZha Line. The restaurant is 1 minute walk down Fu Hsing b[/b] on your right side (walk towards the Nanjing East Rd. station). I believe the brick oven pizza there is reasonable. Any other Bellini’s located amongst the city (particularly the ones in the shopping malls) will not offer you brick oven as i know it is all microwaved waste. Stick with this one and you will get that great thin crusted pizza that you may be craving! :smiley:

Try the pizza in Osteria Rialto. It’s on the square behind the corner of Kwang Fu b[/b] S. and Chung Hsiao b[/b] E. road. Just down from that kip Capones.

Best pizza in Taipei - and they do take outs.

I would really like to eat pizza from a Italian pizzeria like you find all over New York.

Anybody have any experience making these kinds of

Maybe we could open a pizzeria here in Taipei.

Have to agree with Littel Fly - tried Bellinis wood fired the other night - lovely!

If opening a restaurant weren’t such a wreckless idea I would suggest someone from NY or Philly open a pizza place. I don’t know why but the only place you get good pizza is in that area.

There was this place where I went to Uni called NY Pizza. The specialty was ‘slices’, calzones, and beer. What a novelty for a place like Taipei.
They’d make up cheese pizzas, and when you’d order slices, they’d pile on the toppings and heat them up.
The biggest problem here is the size of the pizzas and the skimping of the toppings. A slice should be a healthy slab, not some little dried up wedge, the size of a shoe horn.

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pick any this moth in taiwan mag and check it out . pizza at the post home restaurant & grill,or papa giovanni both are italian home made pizza’s

Oh yeah, “This Month in Taiwan”, the dinosaur monthly with the 20 year old ads of call girls in the combat zone?
don rush, had you actually eaten at papa giovanni’s, i doubt you’d be recommending…

And btw, Post Home happens to be owned by the same person who owns the “This Month”, which could explain the full page ads.
Haven’t been to PH for years, and I must say the food wasn’t too bad then, it’s just the weird atmosphere that I could never get into. I got more culture shock being in that place than on the streets of Chung ho b[/b].

Been to PH to eat twice and am under the impression that all they do is stick stuff in the microwave.

post home used to be good but i was really disappointed the last time i went, tgif would have been better i think

As a Taiwanese American, I really miss my pizza. The Taiwanese pizza here really does not suit my taste buds- no tomato sauce, the bread is different…ehk…

Anyways, I am really interested to know if there are any thin crust American style pizza ANYWHERE in Taipei. I’m talking good pizza, not sweet bread with fruit and seafood on top.

Anyone know of any place?

Look in the Restaurant and Pub forum for Alleycat’s.

I like Allycat’s pizzas. They have very thin crusts, and I’m sure he will put on whatever you like.

does Roxy 99 still have good pizza? They used to be pretty decent when I used to frequent that place, but I’m reformed and haven’t been there in a while.

I second Alleycat’s. :slight_smile:

I third A.C.'s.

Well ate at Citizen Kane’s last night. New Argentine red that is an improvement on the Bulgarian red they had before.

Always a f***ing good deal on Mondays. two for the price of one. I love the salmon and caper pizza but what happened to the artichokes and what else did it have before feta cheese? So good value and good hearty food but lacking in sophistication (spices like oregano and a tomato sauce that is veering a bit too closely to ketchup flavor in its sweetness) and not a big deal but I do find the edges a bit too bready and overcooked on occasion so the pizza vote for me is still

Cosi a Cosi 8.25
Alley Cat’s 7.0
Citizen Kane 5.0

And I am basing this on a real 10 point scale not the inflation that goes with other scales where bad starts at 5.0 and not 0 so in my book a 5.0 is still very solid for a pizzeria. I would only give Paris 1930 in Taipei a 10.0 so unless something truly stands out… and before everyone bitches at me regarding the 7.0 score for Alley Cat’s, I have to point out that there is really no service regimen to speak of so that has to count for something, and as much as I like Alley Cat’s, I am still giving Cosi a Cosi a noticeably higher score because their pizza DOES ROCK. That said, there is always room for good new restaurants and Alley Cat’s has my total seal of approval for what they are and offer.

Fred, what the hell is “unsophisticated” about oregano? What are you comparing it with? I have a great swathe of oregano in my garden and last night, before I used some in the sauce for some homemade salmon & ricotta ravioli, I read passages from El Quijote to it, which was GREATLY appreciated by this unassuming (“unsophisticated,” some might say) little herb. My diligence, I believe, was amply rewarded in the raucous pungency of the resulting sauce. I believe that without Cervantes, the sauce would have been bland and insipid.
I recently discovered the joys of unripened (green) coriander seeds in salad. Would you consider this a “sophisticated herb?”