Best Pizza in Taipei


I WAS NOT IMPRESSED WITH ALLYCAT PIZZA AT ALL..........crust was a wafer......and they really try to save money on the toppings....THEIR MONEY.

OVER PRICed.....poor service when it is busy. I ordered brushetta and they gave me 3 small peices......have you ever tried to share 3 peices of brushetta between two people??????? I know you are asking about pizza...but this had to be said. Completely unacceptable.


Aleycats has my vote.....
Went by the Neihu location and enjoyed my own pizza with great haggerfraustashysta....Hassenfefferfiger..hagenfriger...

it was a great citrus flavoured German beer.


Hoegaarden is from Belgium:


I stand corrected.
Actually it was my friend who had the german beer. I believe it was Erdinger or something.

Now that you mention it, a slightly larger variety of Belgien beers would be nice. But I say that about every restaurant I go to.

I'm not exactly an expert on the matter, but I've found that it's rather hard to drink beers made by Taiwan beer or even Budweiser anymore.


Ok! I can't stand it!! All these posts about this great pizza place. I am getting out of Puli in two weeks and heading for Taipei for the whole weekend...especially to eat pizza at Alleycats. I am sort of familiar with Taipei but can't seem to locate this place on any map. The website says it will post a new map soon, but last update of the homepage looks to be January. Is it anywhere near the B&Q or Costco in Neihu? :help:
Thank you!!


The map is on their site but the page has a lot of weird JavaScript that doesn't work in some web browsers. The Neihu branch is quite a bit past the area with Costco and all the other big stores. It's at the very end of Minquan East Road. Here's the map without all the bells and whistles:


I like Alleycat's pizza but I also like the pizza at the Post Home in TianMu. In fact the very first time I met Alleycat and Tigerman was over a couple of pizzas and beer at the Post Home.


Wow, is the Post Home still open??
I was regaling someone just the other day with tales of that place, I haven't been out there for 9 years or so, easy...

ETA: Nope, I bet it's been more like 11...


I bet they'd let you play your Grateful Dead concert DVD there too.


And they have 3 microbrewery beers on tap.


The Alleycat's Neihu map, although basically right, is slightly misleading. As you head east on Minquan road, cross the Minquan bridge, go past Costco's, past Ruiguang St., past Chenggong Rd. (that's right, Minquan and Chenggong meet in TWO places :unamused: ), through the Minquan tunnel, and after a small light or two, you'll hit a major intersection, which is the one displayed on the Alleycat Neihu map, but if I'm not mistaken:
1) the orientation is about 70 degrees off; at that point Minquan has curved and is not running due E-W (minor point), and
2) a left turn puts you not on Kangning Rd but on Jinhu Rd which then continues up to near the De2An1 dept. store in Neihu; it's a right turn which instead puts you on Kangning Rd.. The problem is that at this intersection the road names change in every direction (Minquan turns into Chenggong -- yes, Chenggong), and Kangning turns into Jinhu. This is particularly relevant if you're going there from the DeAn or Dahu Park areas.

Anyway, at that intersection as you face east, with the tunnels to your back, you'll see MOSburger to your forward left (NE), behind which is Alleycat's, hidden in a small "alley" (actually a pedestrian sidewalk between two buildings).

If you're going there from Nangang, just head north from the Academia Sinica, following the MRT construction along Kangning Rd; go past Donghu Rd. (where the Hala theater castle, McD's & KFC are), past a few minor lights, to the Minquan intersection. Cross it, and stop on the right.

Hope that helps, and enjoy the great 'za!


Thank you, no, I mean THANK YOU. I was able to view this somewhat limited map on the web site, but since I am from the Nantou area and dealing with maps before I make the trip, it was very limited.

Your explanation, I will print out and take with me, provides me plenty of details to make a go of it on my own. I was afraid I was just going to have to take a taxi the first time and see where it is rather than fight the traffic or getting lost.

Thank you again for your generous explanation!! :notworthy:


Why not just go to the Lishui St. location? It's easy to find and I've heard the atmosphere is a bit more fun than the more family-oriented Neihu branch.


No REAL reason, just thinking about being a pig and trying pizza AND pasta. Web site says the pasta is only at Neihu. In fact, since I am usually out that way to visit Costco I never even thought about the other branch! :noway: Maybe I should look into that map as well.

Chalk that one up to some sort of brain fart!



Feiren's right. Come on down to Lishui Jie; it's in the heart of Taipei.

Sorry about the map. Am still working on it.




Thanks Alan. Have spent quite a while with my limited Taipei map but am pretty sure I can get there. It is closer than Neihu--especially since I will be at AsiaWorld Holiday Inn while I am up. See you next Saturday! I can't TELL you how much I am ready to eat real pizza!!! :yay:


The Post Home has some good pizza!

yum :slight_smile:


Here's Alleycat's Neihu on Wikimapia.


Currently I have three favorites:


Alleycat's: Alleycat's speaks for itself. It is great to be able to talk to "Alleycat" and socialize. You can meet many new people when you go there. Need I say the plus is the owners? For me, this is the draw and will always be - a great friendly couple who have a dream. The food is delicious, but somehow the collective "atmosphere" transcends this. Sorry I don't know how to express this. The food is great, the owners are even greater.

Capone's: I've only been there a number of times in the last few years until these last few months. Previous visits didn't leave me impressed. However, in the last few months things have changed. WoW. The pizza is fantastic now. I haven't tried anything else lately since the pizza is so good. This should be on everyone's radar. Note, the calzones can be ordered as pizzas.

Olala!: Paco (from Mr. Paco) can make any pizza to order no matter what you want. Just give him a little notice and whatever you want can be made. The quality and atmosphere are exceptional. You aren't limited to a few items if you talk to him. There is no end to what you can configure. Delicious food and stylish atmosphere - plus great wine/drinks.

All three get my vote for best pizza, but for different reasons.


I have to agree with this. I took in quite a few of the World Cup matches there recently and their pizza has come up a few notches. I believe they have an Italian in the kitchen full time now, and he certainly seems to know his stuff.