Best Pizza in Taipei


is it really important for you get a NY style Pizza ? Then go to NY !


what if we don't want to pay the $40,000 plane fare me?


I had the sad misfortune of actually eating Domino's pizza the night before last. I was hanging out with Taiwan friends for the day, and they decided to order pizza. "Swell!" I thought. Then the pizza arrived - Domino's. Hm, well, maybe it's not as bad as it is in the US.'s worse. Vegetarian style with fresh pea pods, tomatoes, and canned mushrooms blended with rubber cheese and a serious lack of anything that resembled real tomato sauce. Zero flavor. Even with the added red pepper. Bleah. And the price, good lord! I can't believe anyone here is willing to shell out that kind of money for this crap. There were seven of us with two large pizzas, and only one pizza got eaten, because no one wanted more than one slice.


I had Chicago pizza again and HOLY GEEZ it was awesome! I showed up late and they had been closed but the owner(who speaks near perfect English) told me if I come in he will take me order. That's 45 minutes after they closed!
Pizza was so good, he asked if I want extra sauce(which is a good idea). The crust was mouth-watering. Thick and soft and oh so good. Forget pizza hut, forget Alleycats, Chicago pizza is the new King.


I know, that sauce is incroyable. And he is a super friendly dude too. I just wish I could talk him into delivering to my 'hood.


So just where is this Chi-town pie?


Last page oh Dragon-y one...I mentioned it with directions I believe. Here, I'll go check for ya....




Thanks much! :blush: :slight_smile:

Um, would that perhaps be Jianguo?


You say Jianguo, I say Jinguo....let's call the whole thing off....

But yeah...real close to the flower/jade market at it's southern end...east side of highway.

You're welcome.


Dunno about Chicago Pizza...

I just had a pizza at Alleycats that was so good I cannot imagine one better.



Don't be brainwashed! :sunglasses: Chicago pizza tops alleycats in all departments, crust, sauce, toppings and esp service. Try it out, you'll like it. I recommend anything with mushrooms, yum!


I'm a big fan of both pizzas, but it's pretty hard to compare them. They're both different styles. It really depends on what kind of pizza you want. I think Alleycats is best for sitdown, and Chicago is best for takeout.


Don't forget delivery. Chicago delivers a 5 KM radius I believe. But not thru any tunnels, much to my chagrin. Also, doesn't he close at 8PM?

Alleycats does have ambience, and for that, it'll always rank amongst the top pies in town. And he closes at a decent hour. Time enough to haul my ass there after working til 10PM.

For value though, it's Citizen Cain on a Monday night. Can't be beaten.

Tigerman, I had to try subber first before I decided to make Subway my sandwich of choice. How can one so fair-minded as you be so narrow-mided when it comes to pie? To decide the fate of a pie without even so much as a taste? This smacks of pizza-ism and you know it. :wink: :wink: BTW, Xin Yen Kwai Le to you and yours big guy.

I have a dream. I dream of a day when all pies will be sliced equally.


Yes, yes... you are correct. I have had Chicago Pizza previously... but, long ago when it was on Xinsheng S Rd... I thought it was better than Dominos and Pizza Hut, to be sure... But, I really, really like Alleycat's pizza.

Peace to you and yours, too... especially if you are who I think you are... I was thinking about you today and wondering how you are doing lately. If you are who I think you are, then if my New Year resolution is stuck to, the next time I cop a ride on the back of your wheels, you will not have so much trouble maintaining control!


OMG, your NY'sR is to not ply me with fine sour mash. That's so strange. Surely that would have been the only reason we experienced any control problems. Piglet Power can handle anyhting but the sour mash.



Can anybody post an address for Chicago Pizza? If I am coming down ChienKwo from Nanjing E. Rd and exit at the Hsinyi exit, where do I go from there to find such exquisite pizza?


Went to Alleycats Neihu the other night -- I'd actually taken to going there regularly on the one night a week I finish late. This last time though I was a bit disappointed. The staff were all different (maybe just cos a different night from my usual?) and not really very friendly (although perfectly efficient). The pizza was a bit burnt, and the pepperoni hard and crunchy, like crispy bacon.

I guess these things just happen sometimes.



Sorry you had the one bad experience at Alleycat's Neihu. And thank you kindly for supporting us each week.

Obviously such service will not do but. Finding good help is incredibly difficult and with the our losing our quite capable manageress over the NY we are fast making changes to rectify any problems.

Once agian, my apologies,

Best for the NY,



Hey there Regan-

Grimaldi's has the best pizza I've ever eaten in my life, but they're not the only traditional coal oven place in NYC. Both Totono's of Coney Island and the legendary Lombardi's of Little Italy still use these ovens.

God, don't get me started about pizza. I need a fix, man!

Luckily, we can still get H & H bagels in Taipei, huh?


I haven't been to Alley Cats but Mary Jane does a decent pizza and I like their soups and general atmosphere as well. Of course the cute owner just adds to the atmosphere.

If you get tired of Alley Cats I think Mary Jane is worth a try especially if you are on a budget.