Best Pizza in Taipei


Alleycat once pointedly informed me that his place is not a bar.


Grazie at Hsin Hsin cinema complex does pretty good thin crust pizza. Cheap too. Being vegetarian, I've only tried two of them though!

Anyone hear of the new strict Neopolitan rules on what constitutes pizza?


Just to start off with, I'll say that I think Alleycat's is the best in Taiwan, and I've never been to Cosi o Cosi, so I dunno how good they are.

That said, my second favorite is one that I haven't seen mentioned before: Antonio's Pizzeria in Tianmu. Their strongest point is their crust which is more flaky and almost pastry like. They also are pretty generous on sauce unlike most places in Taiwan. Cheese is good quality and also generously heaped, and their toppings are fairly decent. Downside is that they are in Tianmu, so there's the crazy traffic in the evening to get their from Taipei downtown. But if you are in Tianmu, it's a good place to try. They are at 56 Tianmu West Road and while the entrance is the ground floor, the restaurant itself is in the basement.


Pizza Hut and Dominoes don't qualify. They don't make Pizza..

The make something like a piece of cardboard and all the flavours are bland.... there's enough oil to start the next gulf war, and as for service? whats that? they've never heard of it.


...maybe Taipei American School's cafetaria... cheap, messy, but not the worst in the world.


A close second to Alleycats is Ameroni's. Best Italian in Taiwan. Great atmosphere as well. Haven't been there in a dog's age... Is it still there?


I must say I was very impressed by Alleycat's but it will take a few more visits before I can really compare it to Citizen Cain. Their crust is great and the two for one deal on Mondays make it even better.


I had pizza from Ameroni's, and it was not that good.

The crush was really thin, no tomato sauce and the pizza was allround quite dry.

I prefer my Pizza with thick crust, lots of tomato sauce and moist :slight_smile:

Maybe I am picky cause the Pizza Pizza store in Ontario, Canada was amazing, but at the very least I need tomato sauce...


This might be the most underrated pizza in Taipei. They have a 2 for 1 special if you pick it up, they do thick or thin crust, totally customized excellent ingredients, have a great sauce, a chinese cook who is friendly and speaks english, and cheap too. (Around 400nt/2 if I remember right) Oh, and make sure you check out their bathroom.

But I don't know their phone number. Anyone have it?


Damn it, I wish I'd seen this before - I just came back from having a crappy dinner and I could've gone to Chicago's. How far south of Xinyi is this place?


At Xinyi and JianGuo there is a Giant Bicycle store at the corner. Go south until you hit the next/first alley/lane and it should be in there. If you see a pet store or car wash or rollerblade place then you went too far south.

Sorry no phone number.


This isn't a sit down place, just so you know.
Not the artsy romantic Italian consume-with-bottle-of-wine type.
More of a pick up, take home, eat-in-front-of-the-tv type of pizza.
But I think it's great stuff. And the pizzas are huge. They last me for days.


Can anybody give me the phone No. of Cosi O' Cosi please ?

Thanks in advance


Cosi o Cosi
Simple, pleasant setting - "really fresh, authentic taste." "Terrific thin-crust pizza."
Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 1, No.155. Tel: 2771-5883


Sorry uncle Josefus but I do not agree with you at all that the Chicago Pizzas are any good. Sure much better than the likes of Domino and Pizza Hut but I just had some slices last week as the office girls ordered from there. Just some salty ingredients swimming in tomato mud and covered with oily sort of plastic cheese. Has about as much to do with a Pizza as a Rubens painting with a car crash. On a postitive note, they are out there for more than 10 years, their deliveries (Keelung road obviously near Chienkuo) are very prompt Pizzas large, thick and not expensive. Diarrhea follows suit within about half an hour as a bonus.


First you say it's not any good, but then you admit it's better than the regular chain-pizza.

Sounds like a perfect pizza to me :smiley:

I said before this ain't a delicate-little-fat-cat-euro-pizza to be eaten with a fork and knike and bottle of wine. This is a good sloppy heavy North American style pizza, for those who like their pizza in that style, it's great.


Well, I for one enjoy Chicago pizza immensely. The owner tends to deliver the Zaa himself. Great guy and excellent service. I love their Chicago No.8 or Chicken curry (Beware: Ring of Fire). Awesome compared to the rest of the crap I've encountered here.

2 large for 800nt. Pretty good wings too but ask them to cook alittle longer for added crispiness. Expensive but worth it for the service and quality over the rest of the fast food types.

I'm always lookin for a new pizza place but the pickens are slim. Any other delivery recommendations? I love a hearty pizza (not overly greasy) with fresh toppings.

Wouldn't it be great to have a delivery service into the wee hours of the mornin? None here unfortunately.

Chicago Pizza: 0227072121

I miss the pizza selection back home sigh


MONSTER, thanks for the phone number!

But you know the pizza is 2 for 1 if you pick it up yourself, right?

I just got home from Citizen Cain, they still do great pizzas there, and Monday is their special night.


Something for free? :smiley: How is that refrigerator of yours with the week old Pizzas doing?


She's sad I didn't bring her any home. Ate it all there. :slight_smile: