Best Pizza in Taipei


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I am posting this in the Pizza Only Topic thread as I think it applies better. Mods? Up to you.

I tried Maryjane's last week and was pleasantly surprised. First they have a very nice atmosphere. They have a very modern decore but it is done out in very muted shades of colors and their lighting is very subdued. The night I was there they were playing some very nice mellow music, but not so mellow you felt you were at a funeral. Music and lighting are an important factor for me in a restaurant and this place was very nice for my taste. In addition, they have outside seating, and in an alley so you won


Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

I will be in Taipei from Feb 18th to March 10th.

I'm from NYC and have been to Taipei many times. I love Taipei! But there is one thing I have yet to find in all my visits there, and thats a GOOD old fashioned NY style pizzaria! No fast food. But an honest to goodness place where I can get me a slice....or a whole pie. :wink: Preferably one with a stone oven.

Thin crust. Quality sauce. Real mozzarella. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Anyone know?

My stomach thanks you. :slight_smile:



I suggest you take a look in the Bars Restaurants and Clubs forum. Or check out Alleycat's. I don't know if he does NY style but they're damned good and cooked in a stone oven.


Thanks Sandman.

AlleyCats eh? Hmmm. Will have to check it out.

Anyone else?

Also any advice on the best place to pick up a pay as you go cell phone?


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Oh...and thanks for answering my original question. Doh!


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Thanks JD. Its not my snake. And it wasn't in snake alley. Believe it or not, the pic was taken in Little Italy here in NYC. Snake weighed a ton.

So what about you JD? Recommend any Pizza joints in Taipei?

Also I'm a feel free to recommend any of your fav veggie restaurants.




I'm a NYer myself, upstate, but I knows my pizza. (and it ain't here.)

Allycats might be your best best. On reputation only. I haven't been there.

I would suggest Carnegies for food and drink of any sort. Check out their thread. If you call ahead they can whip up pretty much whatever you want.



What jds said. I haven't found any NY-style pizza here, but wish I could. For my money, Alleycats is the best pizza on Taiwan.

Also, "by the slice" culture hasn't appeared here unfortunately. Please don't rub it in. :wink:


"Fingas" in Taichung used to cook up amazingly well done pies. Now? Dunno. Any Middle Earth (Taichung) people out there?


Yeah, try Alleycats.

Oh, does anyone know if Mr Paco's is still open? That's good too.


Fingas made good pizzas all right, but not in the same league as 'Cat's. Not even close. Although his home-made brown bread icecream was AMAZING.
Don't know if Fingas is still around, though.


Well...Looks like it's unanimous. Alleycats it is. Checked out their website too. If their pies look like that in real may be promising.

Can't help it, I'm a pizza freak.

Sorry...didn't mean to rub it in with the whole "by the slice" comment. :slight_smile:

Once a New Yawker...always a New Yawker I guess.

Also, didn't mean to give the impression I'm coming to Taiwan for the spherical Italian cuisine alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Far from it. I love Taipei, and plan to partake in all its culinary pleasures.

Can't wait. Yum.

Thanks for the advice people.

See ya in Taipei perhaps. Maybe we can share a pie?!! :slight_smile:


Paco is no longer associated with Mr. Paco.

At Paco's restaurant OOlala, he will make great pizzas for you if you call in advance (about 1 day ahead). Somedays he prepares the dough so you might be in luck. However, it seems a shame to go there and just eat pizza.


So I take it Mr. Paco's IS still open?

And where is Oolala? What kind of place is it?


Olala is in an alley near Ren-Ai.

There are directions on the second page. If you still aren't clear, PM me and I'll give you exact instructions. Well worth the trip. mmmmm. (Valentine's day is coming up).


Thanks, E. I'll definitely try it!