Best Pizza in Taipei


Aunt Su's Pizza House, 300 Guang Fu Road (across from Sun Yat Sen Memorial), has some tasty deep-dish pizza, so maybe their thin crust is as good. I haven't tried it yet, but I thought the deep dish style was excellent (or at least compared to Pizza Hut and Napoli!), and they do have a vegetarian version. Now I'll have to give Alleycats a try, too, because that sounds mighty tasty.


I am also a pizza freak, i could eat pizza everyday and not get sick of it. Alleycat's pizza is only okay for me and I wouldn't really say it is NY style. Maybe i have not been away from the US long enough. Maybe you can PM the owner and make a special request. Their calzone was really good, though.

I think the best pizza so far is at Amy's Cucina in Kending. The next best is pizza hut. :astonished:


Didn't Regan post the same picture of himself on forumosa about one or two years ago? I'm getting a strange case of deja vu.

Anyway, you'd be best off getting your fill of NY style pizza in NY and then coming here for a while. That'd be the easiest way to do it. You might be somewhat dissapointed in what you find in Taipei, although there are some decent places as the others have noted.


Hey! That was me! I KNEW I was a member before. :slight_smile: That was the last time I went to Taipei...about 2 years ago. But for the life of me, I couldn't remember my screen name or password. Doh!

So hence the new name.


Alleycat's has my vote, for what it's worth, I mean, i live in HK, but I have been there and hell, they;re good mates.

Of course, I'd be quite remiss if I didn't also mention Jane's . . near Grandma Nitty's? Anyone?

Any word on Finga's? That place was an incredible oasis on those days when stinky tofu just couldn't scratch a certain itch. Terry's place?



I'm from New York and there are two food items that are made there that you simply cannot find anywhere outside of the New York area: Pizza and bagels.

As I heard while growing up there: it's in the water, that's why it never tastes the same anywhere else. This is about all that I really miss in food here but I would miss it anywhere else I lived too.

Having said that there are certain reasonable pizza facsimilies you can eat here:

Mary Jane's

All of these are culinary additions added only in the last five years. Before that it was a desert populated only by Domino's and Pizza Hut (which are not even as good as back in the states).

As far as bagels, it's a lost cause. Sun Merry bakery sold an eatible version of a poppy seed bagel but I haven't seen it for a while.


Ratbrian, if you seriously believe Pizza Hut make the second-best pizza in Taiwan, you're not really qualified to be in this thread! EVERYONE knows the second-best is a Domino's with pea, sweetcorn and mayonnaise topping :wink:


Be sure to ask for extra mayo. It's just not as :sick: without it... :laughing:


how's this look regan? if you can guess the pizzeria i'll buy you a hoegarden's at alleycats, where you will be going for your pizza fixes once you get to taipei. one hint, not in manhattan or brooklyn.


fingas base camp is still in taichung, don't think they do pizza though and fingas italian is on ching cheng liu, taichung, but the best bet is salut pizza in little soho, taichung. better than alleycats for my money but i'm a hopeless taichung food fan. sorry for lower case - typing onehanded as i feed my baby!


Cha-CHING! Now theres an IDEA. Be the first person to open a REAL pizza joint in Taipei. $$$$$$


I remember the first time I went to Taipei in the 90s. I fell in LOVE with tea houses. All the varieties. Its the first time I had PEARL tea. My girlfriend played a trick on me and didn't tell me about the tapioca balls. Got a real shock when I sucked them into my mouth. (I WAS kinda wondering why the straw was so BIG!).:slight_smile:

Anyway...when I came back to NY that first time I found out there were NO....and I mean NO Chinese tea shops in NY...not even in Chinatown. Seriously. I remember thinking what a GREAT idea. Open a REAL honest to goodness traditional Taiwanese tea house in NY.

But I forgot about the idea. Now there are dozens in NY. And not only in Chinatown. There are Alps & Ten Ren tea houses poppin up all over Manhattan. So I can get my Pearl tea fix anytime I want.

So....maybe a real honest to goodness pizza joint in Taipei would work too. :slight_smile:

Oh...and I don't know where that pizza photo was taken. But it sure looks good. Very Saucy. Hint? :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll survive without a good pizza for a month. But thanks everyone for all the feedback.

But wait! Did someone say you can't get a decent Bagel in Taiwan either??!! THATS IT! I'm NOT going now! lol....heh heh heh.


Maybe it would. Just ask Alleycat -- he recently opened a second branch. :wink:


Mama Mia's makes a damn good pizza as well but not in Taipei. Worth a 40 minute drive to Shulin or his other branches further away. Thin crust style. My favorite, but I'm waiting to try out Alleycat's.

New York style is the deep dish kind, right? A bit heavier on toppings and cheese than the kind you get in Italian Pizzarias?


No Yuktuk

Deep dish is whats commonly called "Chicago style" here in the states. NY is known for the thinner crust by the slice style. :slight_smile:


yes exactly! you can get the deep dish kind, commonly called "sicilian" at most pizzerias in ny. but a regular pie is cooked without any dish. the best ones are made in a brick oven which allows them to make it thin and crispy.

i would have been shocked if you had known regan :slight_smile: but it's from joe and pat's in staten island. well worth a stop if you're stuck in traffic on the expressway :slight_smile: lots of sauce, spots of cheese, thin crust, made in a brick oven with rotating trays.


OK, just stop it! All of you!

I can't take this torture anymore!


I've had the thin-crust pizza in a couple of places in Taipei (Alleycats, Cosi Cosi) and I didn't particularly like the crust at either of those places. To me, both were too thin and crispy, almost like a saltine cracker. Not nearly soft and chewy enough to by considered NY-style. I concur with whoever said that Salut down in Taizhong is the best pizza place on the island.

You can do without pizza for a month. You should be thinking of pigging out on Taiwanese food that you'll miss back in NY


JD is salavating.

Ok...I'll stop now. :slight_smile:

Actually I am really looking forward most of all to the wide variety of local Chinese food. I REALLY miss it.


In that case, try the chou dofu. It's great! :smiley:


The Taiwanese food is pretty amazing if you know where to go. I like the stuff you can find in Nantou county. Light tasting, lots of veggies, makes you feel good. I like it all. I don't like black rice cakes.

But I sure would like to know more about NY style pizza. I don't think that pizza by the slice is an explored market here. I've got some cash saved.

I'd like to know more about the foods of the southern USA as well.

God I'm hungry..........