Best Taiwan Presidential Candidate for Foreigners and/or NWOHRs in Taiwan?

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I did a cursory search to see if this topic has been discussed before. I didn’t see it so I will ask it here. If there is a thread, please tell me and accept my apologies.

Which candidate is supportive of expanding, strengthening, and/or enforcing foreigner’s rights in Taiwan? Since, I will be a holder of an APRC in a matter of weeks, I have become more concerned about Taiwan’s politics.

Please give me your opinion and why this candidate is ideal?

Thank you in advance.


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I think it’s low priority for all candidates unfortunately. DPP has done the most for non Chinese foreigners broadly speaking. Recently they even opened a pathway for permanent residency for migrant workers and created this gold card program. Not perfect but it seems that they are the best in terms of foreigner interests


Yes, I agree that it is a low priority for candidates here. What is your opinion about Mr. Ko, Wen-je ( 柯文哲)?

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That his father should have worn a condom.


Why is that? I’m sincerely curious.

Apart from voting what rights do you not have in Taiwan? As a non voter you are not given much sway.

Here is an argument in favor of William Lai/Hsiao Bi-khim by one foreign resident.

GPT 3.x translation:

Are you a new resident? A child of a new resident? Do you have a new resident in your family? If so, without any doubt, please cast your vote for Lai Xiao (賴蕭配) on January 13th next year.

During Lai Ching-te’s tenure as Premier, his team implemented the highly innovative Employment Gold Card policy and addressed many issues that had long troubled family members of new residents through the Foreign Professional Talent Recruitment and Employment Act. While Xiao Mei-qin was a legislator, she had already proposed the abolition of the discriminatory provisions of the Nationality Act that caused the loss of original nationality. Unfortunately, her well-intentioned proposal was considered too progressive at that time and did not receive the attention of other legislators.

As for Ko Wen-je, I still remember when at a forum with expatriates, he responded dismissively and impatiently, saying that the incompatibility between the unified identity number for foreigners and the national identity card number for citizens was not a problem at all. This incident left a deep impression on me: Ko Wen-je is not someone who is good at listening to others’ opinions. When he was mayor, he was unwilling to pay close attention to the issues concerning new residents. Would he change if he were to become president? It’s simply wishful thinking!

Like other candidates, Hou You-yi’s new resident policies proposed for the presidential election also lack novelty, mostly revolving around how female new residents raise the next generation. However, new resident friends should remember that during Mayor Hou’s tenure in New Taipei City, there were incidents where police raided churches to arrest migrant workers, innocent migrant workers were interrogated, taken to the police station, and ultimately abandoned. Although Mayor Hou claimed that these incidents seriously harmed the rights of migrant workers, besides calling on the police to respect human rights, personally, I did not see any further remedial measures. Yet, almost every month in New Taipei City, there were tragedies caused by the police chasing after migrant workers, seemingly overlooked by Mayor Hou.

In any case, whether it’s the new resident-friendly Tsai administration, Lai Ching-te, or Taiwan’s first vice-presidential candidate of the second generation of new residents, Xiao Mei-qin, they all deserve our support. Is there anyone else who would listen to our vulnerable voices?"

(A resident of Taipei for over 30 years, an attorney in California, USA)


Quite informative. Thank you!!

Because he’s like the worst person in the world. All he does is lying and embarrassing himself. His supporters are just as deluded and repugnant as he is.

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He seems to be popular with young people, no? I tend to favor Lai.

Right there with you on that!

I would agree with the sentiment the best of the 3 is clearly DPP. Albeit lack luster. However the VP has some positive takes, and the popular opinion of her being future Tsai 2.0 isn’t that bad an idea given the alternatives.

Gou is objectively THE worst.

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He seems to be popular with young people, no? I tend to favor Lai.

He is.

I think it is because he claims that he will reconfigure Taiwanese government with facts, figures, science, and technology. Young people like that kind of stuff.

Another reason is that he does have a very effective conversational speaking style that makes him feel very authentic. Authenticity is usually very important to young people. Lai seems packaged because he is a professional politician and Hou gives off a very conservative, authoritarian vibe.

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I hasten to add that he promised exactly the same thing and utterly failed to reconfigure anything in Taipei City. I think he is a populist grifter who has repeatedly shown that he has poor judgment during the campaign.

So who do you think will win ? I think probably the DPP , but this one is really hard to call. However, the KMT could pull it off if many young people vote for the TPP instead of the DPP.

Ko seems to think that the LGBTQ+ community suffers from a mental disorder. If you think this kind of straight talker is great, this could be your man!

With that kind of homophobic bullsh&t, he’s not mine.



That’s more what he sold to taipei as mayor. I think a lot of said young people are over him now. He just seems to be full of BS and suffering from undiagnosed mental health issues

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The DPP needs to earn this. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.



I agree. Parties in power that long can get entitled. I feel a lot of people were supporting Tsai because they liked her not necessarily because she was DPP.

Tsai was heading into the dustbin of history as a one-term president until the HK crackdowns happened—and she put Su in charge as premier where he managed the government through tricky times. It was a great political comeback but it could well have ended in 2020.

If the DPP wants to win, I’d have Su out there at every major rally campaigning his heart out.



This is exactly what he is selling again this time. There is a lot of evidence that he dominates among <30 voters.

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