Best Taiwanese Dishes

I want to expand my experiences with food here, but my limited mandarin prevents me for fully exploring all the available dishes available.

I’m starting to get bored with lunch boxes and night market stands and the occasional but expensive foray into western food in Taipei.

What are some of your favorite taiwanese dishes? Or at least favorite things you’ve eaten while living in taiwan


Korean food, Vietnamese food, Japanese food. very seldom Taiwanese food and never as a first choice.
i like breakfast foods (Danbings), dumplings, gua bao, hot pot occasionally but that’s it…


Keep it on topic please. If you don’t like Taiwanese food, we have a topic for that.

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Regional Chinese cuisines are available in Taiwan, often prepared by Waishengren and their descendants. Are you saying they’re not Taiwanese? That seems a little controversial.

Ok, then pick a few dishes. Try to keep it on topic and try not to turn this into Taiwanese Food Sucks

Don’t want this topic to derail.

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The aboriginal pork dishes can be spectacular.


Can you give me an example? What’s it called in Chinese?

Kung pao chicken, kung pao beef, beef noodles, beef chow fun, fried beef with scallions, dim sum, potstickers, shuijiao, char siu buns, Cantonese congee, spare ribs with black beans, sweet and sour pork, rice noodle rolls, wonton soup, wontons in chili oil, Peking duck, fried tofu with shrimp, ants climbing a tree, yuxiang eggplant, dandan noodles, hot and sour noodles, mapo tofu, stir-fried green beans, twice-cooked pork, sauteed pork with chili pepper, spare ribs steamed in bamboo, crossing the bridge noodles, dongpo pork, stir-fried potato strips, stuffed eggplant, stuffed peppers, northeastern cold noodles, biangbiang noodles…the list is endless. Anything but Taiwanese food.


I don’t know. I just travel into the mountains and eat at various places. Most are similar. Pork, onion and citrus

Three cup chicken!



I like turkey rice which is regional food as well Taiwanese Chicken rice and side dishes the cafes sell with it, which seems to be more common in the South but I think most major cities, though some maybe think its Ghetto food (I like it a lot !). Also I like Tainan noodles :

And in Taipei metro Ahhhhh Gei


No! Houjirou fan is good! Though yes it’s much better if you’re in Chiayi.


Way too sweet… (and not Taiwanese anyway) :nauseated_face:

Yes, so many places in Chiayi, and use that term as cheap very local dish.

I make a killer three cup chicken.


Three cup frog is even better.


Not to be mixed up with three chicks one cup.

sorry @marco this thread is in shambles


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Stir fried betelnut fronds are yummy.