Best travel friendly video camera

Anyone can vouch for a video camera to do some decent/above average filming( vlogs, travel video) that is not too big and not extremely expensive?

Can you put some sort of metrics to your requirements? What’s decent/above average? What’s too big? What’s expensive? I know people who have shrunk down to an RX100 V for pretty much everything, and then others who consider something like a GH4/5 with cage/mic/monitor/etc to be a “travel friendly” rig.

But both of those are considered stills/video hybrids. Are you looking for an actual camcorder? What are your audio requirements? Input/output considerations? Stabilization? Interchangeable lenses? Focal length range?

@IbisWtf might have some pointers on actual camera models. A quick Google search found this list for vlogs:

You can get some tips from this Youtuber who’s cinemetography is…awesome. Turn on subtitles or if there isnt’ any, ask Andrew for help.

My understanding is you might need a combination of cameras if you want to do travel video and vlogs. For example, if you’re just sitting in your hotel room explaining your day, a nicer camera with a mic would suffice. However, if you went on a water sport adventure or say a rigorous hike, that camera you used in your hotel room works, but probably not very convenient and might not be able to withstand the elements.

So, a combination of action camera + vlog camera would be the best combo. Once you figure out what you want to do, you can start by looking into specifications for the cameras.

FYI you don’t need 4K. If you have 4K, you best have a computer that can handle editing in 4K.

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Your phone + gimbal.

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What’s the place where he’s walking around at the 8:10 minutes mark?

It looks like an absolutely amazing place to take photos. The guy just walked in, is it really like that? You go there, enter and that’s it, like any other public park?

I think it’s abandoned. Maybe he had permission to go in.

[quote=“ranlee, post:3, topic:169367, full:true”]FYI you don’t need 4K. If you have 4K, you best have a computer that can handle editing in 4K.

There’s a misconception that 4K is only useful for the output resolution. But really it’s a tool for gaining maximum flexibility in your projects. Freedom to completely re-frame a scene; adding slides/pulls/etc via image enlargement/shrinking; fixing dodgy footage with warp stabilizer without needing to enlarge your original footage; downsampling to create amazing looking 1080p footage; etc…

As for the editing, working in proxies is the key, even if your machine can handle 4K.

I only shoot in 4K and agree with all your points. Shoot in 4k unless your editing setup is not able to handle it. I use proxies in Premiere too. Also hit the render button whenever I take a break. Speeds up the final export as well.

As for a travel friendly video camera. I use the Gh4 still, Gh5 is better but considerably more expensive. If that is out of your price range there is the G9 and GX9.

Or you could go with a Sony micro 4/3 camera.

Not a big fan of smartphones for video shooting, but the latest iPhones and Samsungs should provide excellent image quality too.

It depends on what you want to achieve.
If you are staging scenes most of the time, I’d suggest you to go for a mirror less DSLR camera that can take video in up to 4K and the desired frame-rates. It also should have an external microphone option.
It should be able to auto-focus and refocus while shooting.
The other option would be focusing manually. Not easy!
Mirror less for easier handling.
The downside of this is, that the sensor might overheats if you shoot more than 15 minutes at a time.
They are not just grab and shoot. Always takes a couple of extra steps to be ready.
They are a little heavier to carry around. Plus, to make the most out of it, you should have some extra lenses.
Using good lenses is anyway the key for great video if you care more for the picture quality. If you want to catch some funny moments you are best served with your smartphone, which you probably carry around with you anyway.
On the pro side, with good lenses you can shoot in low light conditions and still maintain a decent DOF (depth of focus) and low noise.
You can zoom in and catch a scene a hundred meters away, still maintaining the impression you are standing right next to it.

The second option would be a video camera. Just make sure it has all the desired specs. Make sure it comes with a great lens.

Last, your phone. Phones do shoot pretty decent quality videos, but the performance has its limits.
The lenses do not capture enough light, especially in low light conditions.
You already have to shoot in 4K so you can make up for it in the post processing.
My old dslr shoots better videos at 720p than my Galaxy note at 4K.

I have a Canon G5X

Takes good video and pictures and has a screen that can flip out too. Paid $22,000

One con: You can’t use an external mic with it, there is no mic input.

Sorry, I have 0 knowledge of video 8(
You trusted me and I failed you.

If you want a near-new Lumix FZ-1000 for NTD8000 let me know. (18000 new). Megazoom with 4K video. I’m not using it anymore since I switched to Fujifilm.

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Your effort was not in vain!

We found out about the Chinese Culture Movie Center!

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Reading the Chinese Wiki, Scorsese was going to use the site during the shooting of Silence but the roof collapsed killing a crew member so its been declared a dangerous structure.

When it comes to capturing both photos and video DSLRs offer the best versatility. In case you will be using reasonable multimedia or probably you want to blend photography and vlogging, then go for a camera that can do both well.
But basically an action cameras is the ideal solution for any blogger who wants to vlog while on the go, whether it’s capturing your adventures or putting viewers in a first person point of view.
Cameras that require interchangeable lenses are not for the faint hearted. If you’re a beginner, stick to something simple and affordable before investing in expensive equipment that you might not need or use.
Here is a list of the best vlogging and travel friendly cameras this year.

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Does anyone have any experience with cheaper action cams that my son could use for the Youtube videos he is creating? He is currently using a sports focused low end Canon I gave him and his iPhone. Neither give great results.

Yi Lite action cameras are very cheap as are SJCam’s (on Amazon at least), and I’ve seen some good reviews for both.

The SJCAMs aren’t too bad.

I would definitely consider buying a mid to higher range SJCAM. I previously bought a low end one for my scooter dash cam and it didn’t suck, but it did what a 1000NT camera would do. I swapped it for a GoPro because the SJCAM had bad image stabilization and couldn’t make out license plate numbers.

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any suggested Fujifilm cameras?