Better options than the iPhone?


My company do phonecases and i try to keep up with the new phones news…this guys youtube channel its pretty good in his reviews, even thought he focus on phonecases mostly, he did a video comparing the new iphone 8 vs iphone 7 features.

Personally last year i bought a HTC and had to repair it twice within the first year…also their software haven’t keep up with the other brands so you can tell it feels like android of a few years ago (interface etc).

Nowdays i use iphone and last year i bought a macbookpro 15" and i gotta say that apple has lower their standars too much so probably i wont buy in the future…

My recomendation will be samsung, seems to be the best quality price nowdays.


Which HTC did you get?


Samsung has all the bells and whistles but tends to lag after a few months, this the nickname Lagwiz. Hardware is amazing but software sucks. Plus their outrageous pricing.

Good thing with Samsung is you can just wait 2 months after launch and get a pretty large discount, I’d never get one at launch due to major overpricing


I’m looking at the HTC U11+, HTC emailed me a sale for it for 19,900 this week. 30% more battery and better screen apparently compared to the normal U11


My dear brothers, who think I have more money than Scrooge McDuck, are asking for cellphones from Taiwan (they will pay for them when I give them the goods, no problem). I am thinking an HTC 11 for the eldest and an ASUS Selfie for the one who has a kid and lots of selfies with such kid.

They need cellphones that take good pictures indoors and video for parties and such.

Now I need one sturdy, bulletproof, for the clumsy one who has hands like baseball mittens. Any suggestions?


The HTC U11+ looks amazing!

I am so tempted to get it. But I’m sporting the 10 now. Only had it for nearly a year.


At only half the price of the iphone X also.

I just can’t support apple on what they did this time. I won’t be buying another one, 40k is ridiculous and they did not do enough for me to justify this price tag, I can buy a top of the line computer for that price.


Get the HTC 10 for that. It’s still metal. A lot of phones are going glass or ceramic. But get a case, too, because that metal can be slippery.


My HTC 10 is built like a tank. Love the all metal body.


I had the m8, i could drop that thing all the time without a case, it never broke. I’m sure in time my luck would have ran out. But the iphone, it’s a sure thing if it’s dropped on concrete


My co-worker has had her iPhone for less than a month and it already has a dent/crack in the corner. It was not such a dramatic fall. And considering the cost of replacing the Glass, it is annoying as he’ll when that happens.


Nah, stick with what you have until you can’t feasibly use it anymore. Make it last as many years as you can.

Fun fact: the newly announced HTC U11+ was originally going to be the Google Pixel 2 XL. Given all the problems with the Pixel 2 XL, I’m betting Google is regretting going with LG on that one.


A few friends have the LG G5 and it takes pretty awesome pics. However, not sure of the functionality of anything else on the phone. All I know is I’m jealous of his pics.


I have the LG G4 and I can assure you the pics are excellent. Plus it has exchangable batteries, which are so convenient. The phone itself was quite affordable, a great camera for a reasonable price. There were initial issues with the motherboard, but it got changed and that was the end of it. It has been dropped, stepped on, scratched and bitten, and it still works. If I have to change it, it would be for the G5, which is the last of this series with exchangeable batteries.


Thanks for posting this. This is exactly what went wrong with my wife’s LG Nexus 5X (and, interestingly enough, my Samsung Galaxy S). Unfortunately, it’s off warranty, and the repair shop can’t even get parts for it. This hasn’t left me very impressed with Korean phones because of that. Has this issue been resolved in their newer phones? (That’s a genuine question, because neither Samsung nor LG were known for lasting much beyond the two-year limit.)


The motherboard issue was factory issue so it was changed during warranty and with no hassle, though yes, they did take their sweet time. That happened to me with Samsung stuff, too.

Of course, Asus may take a few hours to a day or two max but then they are local. Such was my experience at their customer service center close to Guangha Computer Market, on Songjiang and Chang-an.


I’m curious, if you didn’t go to customer service, what issues would you encounter to know you have a motherboard issue?


LG was known for its bootloop issue on the G4, V10, and V20’ as well as it’s Nexus line.
The phone would shut off , reboot and get stuck to the LG boot screen but go no further, reboot at nauseum which would mean loss of all data. This was caused by a faulty soldering job on the board so over time it would heat up melting and moving the solder.

They didn’t acknowledge it until there was a groundswell of complaints and a lot of people had warranty claims denied going by what was written on web forums.

I have the G5 and so far so good. Snappy phone and great camera, a little ugly perhaps.
I also picked up a chinese phone on Amazon called leeco pro 3 for $200usd which is a steal, snapdragon 821 chip and huge 4000mah battery. Camera and ui not as good as lg but for $200 it meets my needs.


What Dan2006 said. It froze up.


How easy of a fix is it, or is the only option a complete motherboard replacement?