Better options than the iPhone?


I checked out the HTC 11+ today. Really nice looking phone. Although it will probably get time to get used to the Operating system. I will most likely get that.

On the other note. My iPhone 6 has been heating up a lot. Idk why but it gets hot very quickly now; to a point where I have to not touch it to let it cool down just doing normal stuff.


Anyone get the HTC 11+?

I also heard iPhone x may drop their price due to poor sales after launch.


Wait a few months. The HTC 12 will be out in May and it will have 4k res, dual camera, and going back to an all metal build. Worth the wait.


And you know this…how?


Google it. It is leaking all over the internet.
HTC also confirmed the dual camera, 4K and under the screen fingerprint sensor.


Well…someone gave me the iPhone X for Christmas today. I tear up a bit, it’s a really nice gift to give someone and I really needed a new phone for a while from my cracked 16gb phone that I have to keep deleting things to keep it functional. And I do like it. I wouldn’t personally drop the money on it at this moment. But as a gift, yeah I’ll take it. The face scan is a bit weird when I’m upset that my phone doesn’t recognize me. That’s a strange thing to say to someone, my phone doesn’t recognize me. And no home button is strange, but the screen is nicer this way for sure.


My Taiwanese wife and I still don’t get this iPhone X hysteria.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to buy it and use it, but why not stick with the 4-digit/6-digit pass-code to unlock your iPhone?
Why pay so much more money for the iPhone X just for facial recognition? Plenty of videos on Youtube showing the technological hiccups it has brought about.

Is remembering a 4-digit/6-digit code that difficult (question is not directed to anyone in particular)?
What does facial recognition encryption bring to a user that the 4-digit/6-digit code does not?
Am I missing something here that iPhone X brings to the market that is so incredible (besides facial recognition)?

On a side note, we keep all our old iPhones. They are just a bigger version of an iPod for music listening while exercising, etc. Have 3 right now. Can even be a “starter kit” for the children when we eventually allow them to have a phone.


They’ve had fingerprint lock for a while too.

The 4 to 6 digit code is problematic simply because they’re so easy for others to pinch. If anybody sees your code they can probably remember it, which defeats the purpose of having a lock in the first place.

My phone still has a PIN, naturally, but I mostly unlock it using my thumb print. That being the case, it’s impossible that anybody but myself and my wife know my PIN. It’s not the biggest deal - my phone’s never been stolen - but it does add an extra layer of security. Don’t see how facial recognition would add any benefit except that you don’t have to give up your fingerprint (just your face).


iirc, Apple’s technology doesn’t really identify unique fingerprints. Odds are about 1/50,000 that any fingerprint is identified by Apple as unique. So there is a very small chance your phone could be stolen and the thief could enter a fingerprint (not yours) that unlocks the phone. Meaning that Apple is working from a set of ~50,000 fingerprints, one of which is linked to yours.

A 4-digit code would mean that a hacker would find your code by entering no more than 10^4=10,000 different entries. 6-digit code would cap that work at 10^6=1 million entries.

Face recognition ups the encryption power to something like 1/1,100,000 or thereabouts. Larger set of facial patterns, and an improvement on a 6-digit code.

The real advantage, though, is that facial recognition complements the move to AI. And you can morph your face using emojis. Let’s not forget the emojis.


That sounds about right, it doesn’t surprise me. At the same time, it feels more safe than someone next to you seeing you enter your PIN. I know one of my coworker’s passcode on her android phone (it’s a pattern) just because I’ve seen her enter it. It’s not like I’m going to unlock her phone for any reason but her “lock” is essentially useless.

Given your description, it does sound like facial recognition may be more secure. A combination of both facial recognition and fingerprint would probably knock the odds up even more.


You guys do know that facial recognition to unlock a phone is no longer unique to Apple, right?
Android can do the same.
Facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, pattern or pin.


Android had it first. I had it on my Samsung before Apple ever announced it. I never used it because it is a) a pain to pick up my phone everytime and b) anyone could aim it at my face and unlock it. NOT safe at all.

Similar to wireless charging which android has had for years. It also is a pain because you can’t use your phone while it is charging, unlike a wire that you can still use your phone when charging.


…but it’s so cool.

“Bro, can I use your phone to check the weather”
“Naw man, it’s charging”
“But there’s no wire attached to it…”
“Wireless charging…bro”


Overall I’ve enjoyed the new iPhone so far. The screen is nice that it’s bigger and clearly a upgrade. However would I personally buy it? Probably not when there are options out there that’s just as good for 10-15k less.

I will say that I’m scared as I feel like This phone can’t be dropped without a good case that I will purchase ASAP.


There are coffee shops around that have wireless chargers built into the table.


Wireless charging is er…not really wireless charging. You are still tethered to “something” and that “something” still needs to be plugged in.
You can actually do less with your phone with a wireless charger than you can with it plugged in.


You had to go there.

My phone is physically not connected/locked down to a wire…it’s wireless charging. :wink:

Ok fine, I lied, my phone doesn’t have wireless charging, but I kind of wish it did, it’s so cool.


Wireless charging is the only way I charge my phone if the charging port is wet.


I notice the X has significantly better battery life than my 6s.


Uh, bigger phone bigger battery.