Better options than the iPhone?


I don’t think the physical size of the battery always means more charge that can stored.


So, the gf’s bday is coming up and she’s in need of a new phone.

She has ruled out Apple, HTC and Samsung. So that leaves Oppo R11, LG G6 and Nokia 6 (or was it 8?) are the phones she’s looking at.

I personally do not like Oppo since it’s a Chinese brand and the Nokia phone did not get great reviews and has a high price tag for a flagship phone. I’m personally leaning more towards the LG G6. A few of my friends use it and say it’s solid and doesn’t have the Samsung price tag. However, it’s CPU is not the newer or newest Snapdragon processor, which has me worried.

As most girls do, she’ll mainly use it for her 10 different picture apps, FB, IG, Youtube and storing a jillion pictures on there. No gaming on it.

You guys have any thoughts on the R11, G6 and Nokia 6 (or 8?).


What about Sony? They usually have a nice camera for girls?


I would consider it, but it’s not on her (approved) list. I’ve been going to the cell provider stores with her at Vieshow and she’s been looking at the three that I mentioned.

I would throw in Huawei to the mix because of the Leica camera, but for some reason, she likes Oppo, but not Huawei.


I’m against oppo but I’m guessing you probably know that. I don’t know much about the new Nokia but LG has usually kept up with Samsung.

Have you took a look at the google phone?


I’m not going to lie. I really like the X, it’s all the sweeter since it’s free and I’ve got 256GB of memory. Coming come a 16BG 6S with a crack screen where I had to choose 4 apps that I really needed and had to tell people to not send me pictures because it freezes my phone when it takes up memory, it’s nice.


And why’s that?


That’s the whole reason the batteries are as limited as they are. Phone companies try to balance having enough charge without increasing the size of the phone. They want to offer the thinnest phone possible, but then they start sacrificing battery life. That’s exactly why they don’t have 5000 mAh batteries instead of the current ~3000 mAh.


I’m fairly sure most phones are made in China.

The ball’n’chain has an Oppo and it seems to be a very solid phone. It makes phone calls, it doesn’t crash or grind to a crawl if you press the wrong button, and I assume it takes photos and whatever other nonsense phones are supposed to do these days. So far it’s lasted longer than the other smartphones she’s had (which all seem to break within six months). I wouldn’t dismiss it just because it’s a Chinese design.

Top tip: gf uses phone to pose on the MRT and take selfies? Proceed to nearest everything shop, which stocks an assortment of mirrors at NT$20-30.


“So that leaves Oppo R11, LG G6 and Nokia 6 (or was it 8?) are the phones she’s looking at.”

Why did she decide specifically on those 3?
Not even a pause for domestics Asustek or Acer?
My old Asustek and my new Acer have done just fine. Both are dual SIM cards and have nice snazzy 7" screens.


Any smartphone would be nice coming from that situation. I still love my S7 pictures and the rest.


I had an Oppo as an extra phone about 2 years ago and didn’t think the quality was yet there. It was cheaper and looked good at the shop, but after a few days, I realized couldn’t compare to say a Samsung. Maybe that has changed.


I would’ve bought that in a heartbeat, but the pixel 2 is just out of my budget. I’m also afraid if there’s any issues, would their be any warranty coverage in Taiwan.

I’m actually not sure why. I know the R11 has a really good front facing camera and I suggested the G6 to her because some friends use it and say it’s a pretty solid all around phone. No clue why she’s looking at the Nokia phone.

Most likely, but at least some of the other brands aren’t Chinese owned companies. That’s the mentality she has trying to make her decision.


I have no vested interest in Acer, but I am highly satisfied with Iconia Talk S. Think basic storage is 24GB. Quite cheap. The 7" screen size sometimes is a conversation-opener, as people ask how it works, etc., as they don’t realize it’s also a smartphone. Most think it’s just a tablet.


Some techies claim the Nokia is the best phone of 2017.


We were considering the Nokia 3310 for the kids - love the retro look. It was under consideration as we are tired of all the temptations that come with owning a smartphone. We are pretty tied to iMessage so we haven’t bought it yet.


Why are you guys steering clear of HTC?
They make amazing flagship phones and very good mid tier phones too.
I still say wait until May for the HTC U12 if you can and want a flagship.


I gave HTC a chance with the Butterfly S. It’s the reason I went back to Samsung. Love my S7! Had the S2 and the S6 also.

The HTC was laggy after only a couple of months and I had the faulty camera that had a weird purple hue on all pictures taken in low light.

Who the hell wants to “squeeze” their phone? Is it not the same as pushing a button on the side? I “squeeze” the sides of my phone when I push the power button. It’s gimicky, lame, and if that’s the great “feature” that they are touting, just shows how crappy they really are.

If waiting until May anyway, the S9 will be out by then and will blow away the HTC, as usual.



I’m not steering clear of HTC, the gf is. Hell will probably freeze over before I steer away from HTC.

I hate to love how HTC Sense has me hooked and I can’t use any other UI.


Why does she want those 3 brands. And what does she want in a phone. I mean LG has a huge number of phones, why LG. I would clearly take a HTC 11+ over LGs worst phone. Why just LG and the other brands.