Biden’s Southern Border Policies

The crisis on America’s southern border border is coming to destroy the country!!! It’s an emergency!That’s why everybody is talking about it and the last message here was posted… three weeks ago.

Even Fox is being pretty perfunctory about it these days, what with Dr. Seuss. Mr. Potato Head, the infamous dandelion, and now Snow White to be outraged about.

This is pretty much gravedigging a dead thread, but I’ll do some posting

First of all, the story was not true. The actual problem being addressed was that in the course of building Trump’s border wall, engineers had to dig out existing water control systems — which are now left exposed. Local officials have sounded the alarm on this complication, and so the federal government has set to restoring those levees before the seasonal floods begin again.

Melugin later deleted a tweet claiming that border wall construction had been restarted, following clarification from the Army Corps of Engineers that this was simply the rebuilding of water levees. No new border wall is actually being constructed.

Whew! Thank god! I mean, who cares, but whew!

At least 16 migrants have been killed in accidents near the border since March. Although there aren’t comparable historical statistics, aid groups say the number has been particularly high this year.

Most migrants opting for the most extreme and dangerous crossing routes are single adults trying to avoid detection, unlike asylum-seeking families and children traveling on their own who are often released into the U.S. after they surrender to federal agents.

There were just over 108,000 apprehensions of single adults crossing the border in April, compared with nearly 15,000 in the same month a year ago.

Adults trying to sneak past the Border Patrol aren’t new, nor are deaths among migrants trying to illegally enter the U.S. But the border officials and aid groups say they are seeing more risky behavior and extreme strategies than they have in prior years.

BUt that’s cool, Mike. YOu GO GET them fake foxie newz stories!!! :crazy_face: