Big banana split

Banana split at local old fashion cafe-ice cream shop ( Ki A Peng Sian Minsheng Shop 枝仔冰城 民生店 ). They made where possible the Ice Cream with Kao/Ping area fruits, besides fresh local Banana fruit and Ice Creams, also Mango (there is tree in front, in the middle of the city)


I know the one in Qishan, nice.

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They get some the fruits from that area, the photos are the city store. Lots of kids there today even with the cooler weather.

I don’t know what’s going on there but the pictures are not giving me… the banana splits.

They use big Bananas from that area, taste great


seems you will have go there, the one in the first photo will close on the 24th, lost it’s lease, sad…

Yep saw that, oh well.