Bitcoin, something worth investing in?

I bought Bitcoin at $4200 so :man_shrugging:

Tho I lost more in UST the last couple days than I’ve gained in BTC…


Well I bought a bunch of Ethereum at the last botttom of the cycle…80 usd…in 2018 and 2019 after that guys q…there was a long time that it was at 200 and 300 dollars. So not sure what you called. :grinning:

Buying Sand and decentra at bargain prices long term is possible now. easily potential 5-10x within 3 years. Just need to hold em…and hold em …and hold em.

Crypto is a risky business. luna disaster is terrible for the investors,I feel bad for them.
I tend to divide up my stablecoins holding into different ones…to spread the risk.

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I would completely support this. Proof-of-work crypto is an outrageous waste of energy to achieve basically nothing of value. Normally I’d say just let people keep the freedom waste their money, but climate change being an issue of human survival pushes me into “ban it” territory.

I also hate it when people call crypto an “investment”. Let’s be honest about what it is: gambling.

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How much profit did you make?

Was it better than backing a horse?

Genuine questions.

Much better. Depends on if you sold or not at the top right . with backing a horse you only get one go. With ethereum or bitcoin you can hold and wait for the win later.

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Many traders go in for only minutes at a

Highly volatile

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You didn’t say how much profit you made, BJ. In all fairness, I didnt really ask that question. :see_no_evil::joy:

I appreciate your reply, to my fairly infantile questions. :hugs:

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No one is going to fully cash out out on Bitcoin or Ethereum now. The best is yet to come.

I made average 1000% profit on the portion I sold I guess. I had one coin make 100‐200x. But I have also lost money at times aswell, sometimes total loss. I truly believe ethereum and bitcoin are a good long term investment, therefore monthly investment should work out well.


I’ve never sold. I just accumulate.

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