Black female actor 'is the new 007'

Brave & stunning.


Eyebrows don’t lie, that’s Anthony Davis with a small wig and earrings.

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Wha??? I don’t think his head is that big.

He’s a pretty sexy look guy to me. Very James Bond like.

Damn, she does look like AD. I couldn’t put my finger on who she’s looks like. But it’s def AD.

Connery was big, hairy and bald. He was by all accounts a very hard man (possibly still is). Wasn’t averse to a bit of domestic violence.

The Aussie bloke in 1970 was just odd. Diana Rigg hated him and I feel she’s a good judge of character.

Roger Moore aged very well. In his last outing he was almost 60 and still looked pretty young. There was always an air of cheesiness about him, but some people like that.

The Irish bloke was the Bond that most of the Taiwanese women I know found most attractive.

Daniel Craig is short and stocky. He’s aging badly.

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I bet that’s because he smacks a bit of Tom Cruise. For some reason Taiwanese women really dig Tom Cruise, even though he’s very short and very weird.

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That is so true. He’s the epitome of handsomeness.

This is off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure that Fleming didn’t want Connery as the first Bond. He wanted Moore, but Moore was tied up with The Saint.

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The shark that is jumped… does it have a frikkin’ laser beam attached to its head?

Probably because Taiwanese women are also short and often a bit weird imo. But cruise is weird in the believing he can bend space and time to his will kind of way.

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This has been said several times in the past about Bond. The franchise continues every time. In the past they could pull in Martin Campbell to sort things out, perhaps NZ’s finest is too old now. He’d be more likely to pull things around than the Fleabag woman.

Well, he is hot.

He’s not that tall but he’s got a really sexy voice and a great body.

I don’t see Tom Cruise in Pierce Brosnan at all.

Tom Cruise used to be good-looking but he’s also completely crazy so no thanks.

He does have a great body. And it’s still bangin at his age.

Check out Brad Pitt in the new Tarentino movie.

I think if you manage to get ripped at a young age all you need to do when you get older is not eat and you’ll look great. Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer.

I do, although I think Pierce is handsomer for sure.

image image

You wouldn’t leave Tom Cruise alone with the kids. He has that look about him.

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Tom Hardy would be a good Bond. But I’d watch Tom Hardy in anything. In fact, I’d do just about anything for Tom Hardy.

Actually I’m not sure he’d be suited to the role. I just want to see him.

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When you have world class person trainers and a expert dietician to get to your goals for a role and someone to cook it for you. Plus it’s probable these guys are on HGH and testosterone replacement therapy that allows them to basically get like that. HGH is a game changer for fat loss. Especially when you’re older. So is testosterone but HGH is pretty amazing for fat burning.

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He’s too old. He wouldn’t be able to play Bond for a decade or 2.

They need someone young, sexy, and relatively obscure. Someone like Aidan Turner.

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Yes please!

They need a good script.


Is this April 1