Black Lives Matter and Their VERY OWN Thread

BLM reportedly brought in $90 million in donations last year, and now inquiring minds want to know if or how Cullors is paid by the organization and how much she has contributed to charity, per Daily Mail . Hawk Newsome , the head of Black Lives Matter Greater New York City, is calling for a probe into Cullors’ finances.

“If you go around calling yourself a socialist, you have to ask how much of her own personal money is going to charitable causes,” he told the Post .

Cullors did not immediately respond to theGrio ‘s request for comment.

“It’s really sad because it makes people doubt the validity of the movement and overlook the fact that it’s the people that carry this movement,” he continued.

It sure does. And It makes the families of the people “martyred” by the movement question their intentions…and demand a cut apparently.

Cullors founded the Black Lives Matter movement with Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi in 2013. Last month, the organization came under fire after it was revealed that BLM received over $90M in response to the uprisings launched after the deaths of George Floyd , Ahmaud Arbery , Breonna Taylor and others, theGRIO reported.

Black Lives Matter activists are now demanding $20 million from the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, including Michael Brown Sr. , whose son Michael Brown Jr., was killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

Brown Sr. said he and his advocacy group have been short-changed by the larger BLM organization.

“Why hasn’t my family’s foundation received any assistance from the movement?” he asked in a statement last month.

“On behalf of many activists in the St. Louis area, I’m joined by Mike Brown Sr., the father of Mike Brown Jr. Today, we hold Black Lives Matter accountable,” said local community organizer Tony Russell .



Good piece, outside of the bizarre conclusion at the end that CNN is related to this in some way.

I also appreciate that you’ve come around to acknowledging Mike Brown and his family were killed by police. You’re speaking on behalf of community activists in St. Louis on the issue. You’re evolving. :fist_right: :fist_left:

as a black person, I will just say “black lives matter” the words are different from ‘Black Lives Matter’ the organization. A lot of white or other people miss that part.

Personally, I think any organization that says — bleh donate to us we will advance the causes of whatever are full of shit well besides the ACLU.

My recommendation is don’t be guilt tripped into donating. However, the small and probably best thing you can do if you’re white or non black person is to acknowledge the inherent biases and systematic racist issues at play. my 2c.


What happens after that though? Like G.I. Joe said knowing is half the battle. But that’s only half…once that’s recognized what’s the next course of action?

as you said half the battle is won. racism is usually out of ignorance right or barbaric shit such as us vs them.

once you know the inherent biases, you can understand why people do certain thing. become empathetic and the more the world becomes like that the more the world becomes a better place.

Imagine if say a white policeman in the US can see a fellow black person as a person | human being. Just by that the whole pointing of guns before anything will be decreased. If that policeman can start to understand why say a single father or mother is driving without insurance then maybe traffic stops will stop being deadly.

my 2c.


Unfortunately it has been especially weaponized politically on social media, forums etc more recently, as an aggressive narrative.

People trying to paint black murder victims as drug addicts, or violent, trying to paint protests as riots, trying to blame one race for violence against another.

Obviously an us versus them mentality, but they’re getting the ‘them’ wrong for the reasons their lives are not improving.

But because it has been so aggressive, so has the pushback, and I think increased interest and an awakening of sorts by the general population.

So as ugly as things can be at the moment, I believe there’s a shift going on. Theory of Relativity stands the test of time.


‘I find it hypocritical,’ he said, of her decision to live in a largely white neighborhood. 'There is so much hypocrisy. She’s acting like a capitalist.

'They want you to remove the tweet to start your 12 hour sentence. Why should I remove the tweet? They have already removed it. I sat back and said I’m going to do nothing, and see where this story goes.

‘I’m going to play Nelson Mandela in the Twitter jail,’ he said of the former South African leader.

As an intersectional Capitalist, I’m interested in this comment:

Yes and no. Buying property in high value neighborhoods, ones that will appreciate in value or maintain their value are great financial moves.

Whitlock seems to be suggesting though that Capitalists are thieves though. That I don’t believe at all. Thieves are thieves and may also be Capitalists.

I’ll have to get around to that whole “I’m a Marxist” thing. No opinion really, but who gave all that money to her? Mostly the big guys maybe? 90 million bucks is a LOT of money. The little guys gave that much? It’s quite a lot.


And this:

Confusingly, there are a number of organisations claiming to represent ‘Black Lives Matter’ in some capacity. Khan-Cullors is involved with two: the non-profit BLM Global Network Foundation and the for-profit BLM Global Network. (To make matters even more complicated, another big recipient of donations intended for BLM is the Black Lives Matter Foundation, which has no relation to either of these entities and promotes a diametrically opposed line on the police.)

Much has been made of Khan-Cullors’ claim to be a ‘trained Marxist’. Initially, this was used by right-wingers to promote a ‘red scare’ narrative around BLM, as if the unstated goal of the movement was communist revolution. Now many (including some BLM fellow travellers) have looked at her property purchases and have branded her a sellout. But the relationship between BLM and big capital has always been mutually reinforcing, so we should not be surprised by Khan-Cullors’ fortunes.

Many of the ideas about race being pushed by BLM – particularly the ubiquity of structural racism – are now part and parcel of corporate culture and the white-collar workplace. Race experts are invited to give workshops and training on diversity and inclusion. Employees are tested for their unconscious bias. An entire race industry worth billions has mushroomed. The most famous and sought-after race entrepreneurs, like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X Kendi, can earn vast sums of money in the corporate sector – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars per hour. Those BLM protesters setting fire to police stations were not radical revolutionaries — they were more like the UNPAID militant wing of the human-resources department.

My bold word added. Yeah, dunno if that is very Marxist in the traditional sense. :noway:

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Black Lives Matter May Be the Largest Movement in U.S. History

"recent Black Lives Matter protests peaked on June 6, when half a million people turned out in nearly 550 places across the United States. That was a single day in more than a month of protests that still continue to today.

Four recent polls — including one released this week by Civis Analytics, a data science firm that works with businesses and Democratic campaigns — suggest that about 15 million to 26 million people in the United States have participated in demonstrations over the death of George Floyd and others in recent weeks.

These figures would make the recent protests the largest movement in the country’s history, according to interviews with scholars and crowd-counting experts."

To reiterate: Between 15 and 26 million people were estimated to have participated in BLM marches in the United States.

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Primate alert. The kind of scum military and law enforcement needs to be rid of:

There’s a lot to unpack here, how about the part where baldy is standing 2 feet from him, and he says ‘get out of my face’, then proceeds to walk up to and stand over the guy?

That right there is the epitome of a lot of what’s going on. Feigning victimhood. :brain:

Dummy also says there’s a difference between pushing and hitting. Uh, no, they’re both assault, acornhead.

The week: It’s time to create a libertarian ecosystem that doesn’t welcome racists

"…I am far from the first to issue this appeal. The Cato Institute’s Jonathan Blanks, himself black and libertarian, has written compellingly on the topic for and elsewhere, identifying a “longstanding libertarian habit of downplaying racism as a fact of life for minorities in the United States.” Blanks levels much of his critique at libertarians’ irresponsibly incomplete narrative of American history, which too often entails “looking backward to better times” of smaller government and freer markets while neglecting what else was happening then. For those “who must look to bills of sale and property lists to find our ancestors,” Blanks writes, “the look back is with much less yearning.”

It is a lie, Tim Carney argues at the Washington Examiner , that “conservatives are just a bunch of racists.” And yet, he adds, “conservatives need to do a better job convincing the racists that it’s a lie.”

The American right’s racism problem is not about conservative ideas per se . That racists like some of the same things you like does not, of itself, make those things racist (though certainly it may prompt their re-examination) — see The New York Times ’ Ross Douthat’s recent column teasing out some of this distinction. But, as Carney and Douthat both describe, the mainstream conservative movement has not made itself adequately inhospitable to racism.

“Every extended conversation I have with 20-something conservatives includes a discussion of how to deal with racist flirtations in their peer group,” says Douthat, while Carney calls his fellow conservatives to the urgent task of “doing something to make clear that conservatism and racism don’t mix.”

Let me call libertarians to do the same."

It’s time to create a libertarian ecosystem that doesn’t welcome racists (

Am I missing something, or was a publicly available police record I just posted, removed? Maybe site malfunction?

Anyway spoiler alert, baldy was arrested for assault.

  • Jonathan Pentland, 42, was quickly identified after the Monday video went viral showing his altercation in the Summit neighborhood of South Carolina
  • The three-minute clip shows Pentland repeatedly scream at the man - identified only as Deandre - to ‘go away now’ before pushing the man
  • Cassie Pentland, his wife, can also be heard shouting at the black man and telling him police have already been called when he tells them to alert authorities
  • Photos show that Pentland has been a drill sergeant at Fort Jackson in South Carolina since at least 2019
  • Fort Jackson Commanding General Milford Beagle, Jr, took to Twitter to announce that the video would be investigated

‘This is by no means condoned by any service member,’ he said on Twitter. ‘We will get to the bottom of this ASAP.’

In a statement to, a spokesperson for the base said Fort Jackson was working with local authorities on the matter, adding that ‘this type of behavior is not consistent with our Army Values and will not be condoned.’

‘The soldier in the video is stationed at Fort Jackson and Richland County Sheriff’s Department have confirmed that he has been charged,’ the statement reads. ‘The U.S. Department of Justice is also looking into the incident.’

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Don’t question the mob:

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Does this ring true?
Skip to around 04:24 to get the good stuff. It’s all good but, that bit is gooder.


So your gripe is with people posting BLM on social media, or that they sold out?

Either way you’ll criticize Robin D Angelo books and but not WS that atrack the Capitol or the police killing that led to BLM, so obviously posting this video is part of a clear agenda.

If you had a genuine intention to support that movement from the onset but felt disillusioned like she does, that’s one thing. Your intent is just to invalidate the cause altogether out of resentment.

Segregation is back in style… :woozy_face:

Nah. White people to the back of the bus, sit down and shut up. Your screeching white liberal attention seekers made the movement a joke and a scam.


Albany NY PD

Had nothing to do with me. The name calling is boring and it seems like its all you got. Ho hum., I’ll check in some other time.