Bliss on Xinyi Road (closed)

Original Title: Chocolate & Love is BLISS

As many of you already know, Chocolate & Love closed its doors in September. Gone is an era (well okay, a year) of great live music, excellent patrons and staff, good conversation, great parties and cool events.

Without getting into details, I will say that the reason that Chocolate & Love had to close in the first place was because of a bad partnership. Barry Smit, one of the two owners, unwittingly got screwed by his partner with whom he thought he had an excellent relationship. Aahh the many faces of the Taiwanese businessman.

On to more cheerful, even blissful events:

Barry has worked hard over the last month to get the bar back and to continue with what he loves doing - playing music and having a good time with his friends / guests / patrons at the bar. So, with the same great staff and management and with the addition of some new partners and some major renovations, we are pleased to announce the upcoming opening of BLISS at the same location, 148 Xinyi Rd, Sect. 4.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise and tell everyone what the renovations will be so you will have to show up for our grand opening party which we are hoping will be in the first half of November.

What I can tell you is that we have introduced a full menu for BLISS which includes both East and West sections. From the East we are offering up ten Cantonese dishes including things like beef onions, pineapple shrimp and spicy chicken. From the West we are serving up snacks like chicken wings, clam chowder and poutine (as Canadian as we can make it) to real juicy gourmet burgers to main dishes such as river trout. And as a special addition we will be introducing fondue ~ meat, cheese and chocolate.

We will still continue to provide live music 4 to 5 nights / week and will be open from Tues to Sun from 6pm to late. For those of you that can’t find live music past midnight in Taipei, you can now find it at BLISS until 2am. Food will be served from 6pm to midnight every night.

The bar will be managed by myself, Reese Richards and Barry. All the original staff will also still be there. Barry and I will do our absolute best to ensure excellent food and service each and every time anyone comes to BLISS. With 12 years experience in the restaurant / bar industry in Canada, I plan to bring the quality of food and service you would expect from North America restaurants to BLISS.

In addition to poutine, you can expect some other Canadian favorites such as CC / Crown & Ginger, real Mott’s Bloody Caesars and I’m even working on getting Barry to learn some Tragically Hip tunes to play with his band. Barry will also contribute some Dutch specialties to the menu.

Please send Barry an email at so that we can send you an invitation to our grand opening party when we get closer to solidifying a date.

I’m sooo happy. I loved Chocolate and Love.

Barry is a great guy.

Looking forward to seeing the new place.


Sounds great! :bravo: Glad to hear your kitchen will be open late as well - I rarely get to eat dinner before 10:00, thanks to a typical buxiban schedule. :notworthy: Maybe a Forumosa Happy Hour, once things are running smoothly? :whistle:

That’s great news. Am looking forward to soothing ‘after work’ drinks there again.
Used to be great heading on there for an Absinthe or two after closing the’other pub’ i ran here. Will have to do it again now that I am running ‘another pub’.
Great stuff Barry and Reese. See you soon!!!

I am looking for someone to paint the exterior and maybe interior of the bar. The exterior is a two story wall approximately 4 x 8 meters. If the same artist can do the interior as well, great. I want a grafitti artist for the outside wall and the design for the inside can be discussed.

If you are interested or know someone whom you think could do the job, please have them call me directly. The timeline would be to finish by Oct. 27th.


Reese Richards
Managing Partner

Of course we’ll have everyone over for a Forumosa Happy Hour. We are optimistically looking at the 27th of Oct for our opening.

Whenever you ready after that, we’re ready.



After a bit of a delay, we are set to open this Sat. Nov. 5th and will be featuring a team of grafitti artists painting the outside wall, gourmet burgers for the tasting and new beers including the addition of draft. Downstairs now has washrooms, an inside mural and some other additions we are confident you will enjoy. Live music will go on well into the night as we have soundproofed the entire upstairs floor.

Hope to see everyone there this Saturday. The bar will open at 3pm and the fun will end when it ends.



Damn, the same day as the Blues Bash, otherwise I’d like to go.

BB will wrap up at around 9 won’t it? Plenty of time and not too far away, either.

BB will wrap up at around 9 won’t it? Plenty of time and not too far away, either.[/quote]

Yeah, but I also remember various drunken musicians at the last one going until quite late…and the weather was far worse then. Still, if we can drag you off the stage I’d like to stop by.

So what went wrong at this bash? Everybody left the stage quite calmly and sedately at the appropriate time it seemed.
Bliss was a lot of fun, though. As long as nobody tells anybody that they saw somebody resembling me dancing to a cover band I’d love to go back. They sure had some good tunes going.

I went over to Bliss on Saturday night. Very very nice indeed. Had some very simple food – fried rice that was delicious (coming from someone who doesn’t normally rate fried rice, this is high praise), some nice fresh salad of some kind and some scrumptious fried tofu chunks with that chilli sauce with yellow beans in it. Really hit the spot.
A couple of shots of absinthe on top of the beers and all the rest of the days’s debauchery also kept the cold out nicely.
So when do the Ramblers get to tear your roof off, Barrie? :wink:

Sandman, Barry is not a regular surfer and so since I am online more often then he, I’ll answer that question for you.

Easiest way to book a gig at Bliss is to call Barry directly at 0930 091 915.

If anyone wishes to book a party or event at the bar, you can call Barry or myself at 0938-921-653.



Did You Know…

Did you know that the good old Chocolate & Love is now called BLISS?
Did you know that women blink nearly twice as much as men?
Did you know that BLISS is a great place to go to?
Did you know that Coca-Cola was originally green?
Did you know that BLISS still serves Absinthe?
Did you know that it is impossible to lick your elbow?
Did you know that BLISS is fully soundproofed for late night live music?
Did you know that you can’t kill yourself by holding your breath?
Did you know that BLISS has live music that’ll make you wanna hold your breath?
Did you know that the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue?
Did you know that BLISS has now great Cantonese and Western food?
Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?
Did you know that BLISS finds butterflies beautiful?
Did you know that all the names of all continents start & end with the same letter?
Did you know that BLISS has a mural in which at least 14 country tributes?
Did you know that elephants are the only animals that can’t jump?
Did you know that BLISS rocks?
Did you know that 99% of people who read this will try & lick their elbow?

Now with a great Western & Cantononese food!

Both chocolate and love are known to induce euphoric states, so the bar previously known as Chocolate &Love has been reborn with the name Bliss.
Many old regulars love the improvements and changes that maintain the same artistic bent and relaxed spirit – but added more to the mix. Murals decorate both the facade and the interior, adding colour and fun. Paintings by local, original artists are still proudly displayed. The live music keeps going until 2 a.m. – long after most bands around town have gone home.

A satellite TV system brings the world in, or shows live footage of the upstairs band downstairs.

Organized Flirting, a speed-dating service, will be hosting regular events for the romantically inclined. The downstairs has a comfortable sofa area near the back (and new downstairs bathrooms), but the best feature remains the friendly bar. Absinthe is still on the drink menu, ensuring many an interesting evening, but the food menu has been upgraded to include Western and Cantonese favourites. Try the Western Gourmet Burger or some of our other finger food!.

With so much going on at Bliss, keep an eye on our website, or send an email to to receive our newsletters with all the latest live-music and event information!

How to find us?

No. 148, Sec. 4, Xin-Yi Rd (near DunHwa/Xin-Yi intersection)
Tel: (02) 2702-1855

And, did you also know:

I also hear there’s a great live act every Wednesday night … anyone ever attend???

Hi jonnyspermz, damn right we have live acts!
Every week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Please check our web site for info, or sign up for our newsletter at to get info on the live acts in your mail box!

For this coming Saturday, December 24th, we have 3 acts live on stage during our Absinthe X-mas party!

Great Food!
Live Carols!
Enless Fun!

All-You-Can-Eat Open Buffet from 7-12PM

Italian Brachetta
Onion & Salmon Rolls
BBQ-ed fresh Mussels
Cream Cheese Spread on Toast

Stuffed Turkey & Cranberry Sauce
Sweet Potato Mash
Garlic Mash
Sweet Potato Leafs

Apple Pie & Cream
Ice Cream

3 Absinthe Shots

Whether you are alone, with your partner or with friends, you will enjoy a great evening!

Torch Pratt will play real X-mas carols

Went there last night to chill out.

Place was fully packed.

Brass Balls Band on stage, and some skimpily dressed christmas bunnies dancinf in front of the stage to please sore and bleary eyes…

Wednesday nights normally kicks of with Dave Foster, followed by whatever they have scheduled after that.

The guy sounds great, and will kick off tonight’s Absinthe Xmas party as well.

Dave plus 2-3 other bands on stage, all you can eat Xmas buffet, and 3 Absinthe shoths. they sold tickets for 800NT.

I know where I’ll be eating tonight!


Glad to see Barry has reopened the bar himself.

Well, not entirely glad, as I had a bar tab at C & L that I guess I should come by and pay off now! I’d like to do it before witnesses - preferably skimpily clad dancing bunnies. When would be the best time to do that?


bunnies you said?
Hm, just looked at the Bliss website, and it looks like you missed out.
X-mas bunnies galore, LOL

Seems the site is new, but at least they post pics kinda fast…

Full house last Friday again…I’ll be going back to check it out more ofetn, LOL